Weekend Livestream Spotlight: INUWASI, seireki13ya, NILKLY and MERRY BAD END

One would think that the top livestreams on The Calendar for this weekend would be the highly anticipated, first one-man lives of GO TO THE BEDS and PARADISES. Unfortunately Ticket Pia won’t take foreign credit cards for these shows despite accepting them just fine for Sakura Gakuin’s graduation livestream last weekend. The good news is that, while WACK gives their foreign fans the cold shoulder, there are several other stellar groups performing this weekend who both embrace and deserve your attention, such as:

INUWASI, one of the frontrunners for best new unit of the year, start off the weekend with a FREE 120 minute live on YouTube. If you haven’t checked them out yet, now is the perfect time to do so.

Here is your invitation to Night Land courtesy of seireki13ya.

NILKLY would like you to join them for a double birthday party for Meicha and Jun.

True indie darlings MERRY BAD END close out the weekend with a livestream brought to us by our friends at Idol Underworld.

And don’t forget that Tsukasa (Yanakoto Sotto Mute) and Risano (lyrical school) moved their weekly Instagram Live broadcasts to a later time and shifted to Wednesdays since Tsukasa kept oversleeping.

For information on these and other livestreaming events, check out The Calendar.