We Will See ayumikurikamaki as Bears Again

This is a terrible bit of video that ayukuma pushed out; not because it sucks in and of itself, or because I dislike the implications (quite the opposite!), but because Kuma-sama here is clearly giving three of my favorite idols the sads, and I’ll be damned if that’s okay.

But check it out!

I don’t understand why that’s space out so weirdly; blame WordPress

I’m probably missing some important point, but the video is basically the master bear here laying out the quest, such as it is: Ayumi, Kurika, Maki, you are exiled from beardom and will not be fun anymore unless you make it to Budokan by the end of this year. We know of this challenge, and the horrific side-effects of being required to do anime themes instead of bitchin’ party jams; we have all sacrificed at the #SaveTheBears altar.

Implications though! Essentially, this video couldn’t exist if Budokan weren’t pretty much a guarantee; it’s one thing to say that’s your goal, and here’s the stipulation, because there really isn’t an actual downside to “we won’t be bears anymore.” There is, however, a downside to Roads to Budokan that fail, and that is often disbandment, and that’s a bad thing! It’s also a bad thing that doesn’t seem terribly likely, not with real-deal crossover success and all. It is, however, egg on your face if you don’t make it, and it would be a significant knock on ayumikurikamaki as an entity, Japan and reputation and all that.

So, like, this video wouldn’t exist if there weren’t an extremely good chance that the Budokan performance is happening. Like, almost a certainty. Like, it might already be booked and now it’s a matter of setting up the promotional effort to not additionally lose face by getting to Budokan and then selling poorly.

Exciting! Bears again! Hopefully fun music again! I do think that ayukuma, bear form notwithstanding, has a roughly decent chance of catching on with bigger not-Japanese audience, and developments like this (if true!) are very positive moves in that direction.

5 thoughts on “We Will See ayumikurikamaki as Bears Again

  1. I loved the bear outfits and I really miss them. I still absolutely adore Ayukuma now and I always will, but those costumes really brought out a fun-factor that really gave them an edge up, and it’s just not quite the same without them.

    Having said that, my theory as to why the outfits were cast-off is multi-faceted. The Budokan challenge is one part of it, but not the whole thing. I think there was an also experiment at work to see if the group could grow it’s fanbase without a “gimmick” (personally, I like gimmicks) and be a purely solid pop-rock unit not associated with a costume.

    But the other thing: Every time I watch those girls give it their all live, (which they always have 150%) a part of me can’t help to think as cute as they look, it’s gotta completely suck to rock a stage in those costumes. (especially at TIF in August!) It makes me think of the Mummies, who were for a brief time, a legendary garage-punk band that toured like demons. They only broke up for one main reason: They said touring and playing while covered in bandages for nights on end was absolutely horrible. But you know, they were called “The Mummies” and dammit, that’s what the people wanted. And of course, we want bears.

    I suspect maybe that if the girls do indeed play Budokan, the costumes will come out for the encore, and for a brief moment, the world will be completely perfect and peace will bless the land.

  2. This video actually was posted in full last April or May, the record label has locked it outside Japan tho. There is more to it tho. I was hoping to see some kinda magic moment where they are turned into humans. the fact they post it now on facebook nearly a year later is good. Possibly just trying to get all their new fans aware of what is going on and remind Nippon Budokan of their goal.

    Also, they did anime theme before as bears, Honey Honey Honey. That’s not really tied to the fact their human now. At least before tho the video was entertaining bear theme MV.

    Most of All, I miss seeing their twitter antics as bear. They had some kinda daily show too as bears. The best thing we had since humans, is when they all dress up for Halloween and mad a fun Mario bros. video.

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