We Review Things: KOSAME – INNATE LOVE

Hardcore idol, KOSAME, sent us a Christmas present that I have to apologize for just now getting around to unwrapping. She has gifted us with her first new release since her extraordinary EP, THE 8th FAREWELL,  a brutal new single entitled, “INNATE LOVE.”


KOSAME is, of course, a solo idol who practices a musical alchemy that blends black metal, death metal, beatdown hardcore, and various other rock and electronic genres into a savage fusion. In this outing, she also includes some experimentation with time signatures and dabbles in hyperpop.

First off, “INNATE LOVE” is a true single with an A and a B side. With the advent of digital singles, so often these days a “single” is just one tune, so it is nice that the classic definition applies here. In addition to the title track, this release includes B-Side, “ITTAKATAYO,” a progressive and  joyously violent collision of hyperpop and hardcore.

The title track, “INNATE LOVE”, drops incredibly hard at the outset and doesn’t relent for nearly five and a half minutes of anguished and emotional ferocity. KOSAME’s versatile vocals are on full display here, running the gamut from harsh screams and growls to operatic crooning and falsetto dissonance. The English language lyrics transition from heavy to delicate delivery as they recount the experience of witnessing the cremation of a loved one, never once wavering in intensity.

KOSAME’s dedication to exploring and expressing personal, raw emotion is perfectly captured here.

“INNATE LOVE” is available on Idol Underworld as a digital single or as a special edition which also includes a signed CD and cheki.