We Interview (Internet) Idols: Kyunchi♡

If you’re cool and have amazing taste, you might have caught wind that our new best friend Kyunchi♡ dropped a track with Nonamera today. If you’re a little behind, Kyunchi♡ is Thee genderless pop icon from cyberspace, smashing together global pop culture and spitting out high glamour songs for high stakes times.

Previously, we featured their track “Mecha Angel Genesis♡” in our article about the influence of jpop on hyperpop – idol fans are no stranger to the crossover of genres, but this was more than a crossover, an American artist so proudly working with Syva from Codomomental was a shock! And why stop when you have something good? “WORLDWIDE☆GIRL feat. Nonamera” served as a great opportunity to sit down with Kyunchi♡ in the digital realm and really talk about the method to the 200BPM madness. 

Insane right? “WORLDWIDE☆GIRL” is a cyanide candy sugar rush of excitement. The superficial is what’s real and what’s real is superficial, with twin vocals from Kyunchi♡ and Nonamera machine gunning you down over some Syva produced beats. We’re trapped in a cunty Kyunchi♡ flashback nightmare and never, ever want to wake up from it.

There’s really so much to say, but we’ll let the artist speak for themselves. Put “WORLDWIDE☆GIRL” on repeat, sit back and relax. Picture the scene: a low poly cafe in the middle of a Second Life field, the waitress looks exactly like Tila Tequila with cyborg legs and there’s a furry sitting in the middle of a void smoking a blunt off in the distance. Cal from Homicidols is sipping on a latte they paid for with Bitcoin and suddenly, in a puff of pixels, Kyunchi♡ is sitting right in front of them.

Cal from Homicidols: Hey bitch.

Kyunchi♡: Hey slut.

So let’s get into it then. What made you want to work with Nonamera and Syva specifically?

I noticed that syva was involved in a lot of songs from various Codomomental artists I was listening to. I would stream each of those songs repeatedly back to back every day for weeks and would listen to absolutely nothing else. “Sophomore Sick Sacrifice” by zenbukiminoseida. and “ssixth” by Not Secured, Loose Ends being big examples of this. Those songs really resonated with me. I thought that syva and I would make a good team and I wanted to create music that reflected what I was actually listening to. A collaboration with Nonamera also felt like a natural next step of evolution not only for my own music, but also for what fans of Codomomental might expect to see next. Nonamera was releasing music as a solo artist at the time so it felt like the timing was perfect for us to cross our artistic universes and make something unique and different together. And that’s exactly what we did!

How was working with him though? Last time he called the experience “incredible.” 

I’m a fan of Syva’s work in general so I wanna push myself more creatively to make something unique that he would find interesting. I wanna impress him. 

It’s always great to work together, but this time, I took him to mother lake with this release. He was a landscape artist in sound and I was a menhera siren causing chaos in the middle of this fame-themed oasis. I think we make a really good team because both of us really do have the minds of a mastermind. Of course with this song, there was a little more pressure because Nonamera’s on it.

So was “WORLDWIDE☆GIRL” sort of a three way collaboration between you all then?

It was. Syva wrote some lyric ideas for me based on the concept and sample lyrics I submitted, he sent some back and I rewrote those and he just formatted everything at the end. Nonamera has a really cool line too, you’ll know it when you hear it. It’s a hectic menhera fantasy of a worldwide girl who is chasing her celebrity dream of fame, while struggling deep inside but smiling and serving for the girls.

Making music means so much to me so that part of me is like… sensitive, I guess.

Isn’t that a part of the overarching themes you explore in the single? Death and the idea of celebrity. Everyone wants to consume that vulnerability like a product.

Yeah, exactly! It’s definitely coated in superficial lyrics that I hope people can look past and understand the hidden meanings behind the glamorous facade. The lyrical structure is kind of bi-polar, I don’t know how else to describe it. The menhera aspect kind of takes it there.

I think the girls that get it, get it and the girls that don’t will be streaming regardless.

That’s right! I think this kind of song is best listened to at a club where you can fully immerse yourself in celebrity fantasy and go berserk.

Your music before has been based around an American Y2K aesthetic before, but when it comes to working with Japanese artists, do you consider Japanese Y2K a part of the same sort of digital nostalgia or something totally different?

I think for me making music has always been about exploring obscure things that I find interesting. Even though a lot of my songs happen to revolve around iconic things of the 2000’s I don’t think I’ve ever been personally nostalgic about anything in particular because my mind is living in the future.  I’m always looking for new interesting things to discover and what I like isn’t limited to things that are only found in America. Things that I really love are very underground and are usually from the farthest corners of the world. In other words the less people know about it the more I love it. 

I also think that Japan’s Y2K is really interesting and unique, especially the Kogyaru sub-style of the Gyaru subculture because of its evident inspirations from valley girls in California. I think it’s very cool that styles can evolve, transform, influence and birth new hybrid styles across the world. I guess you can say that I’m trying to achieve the same with my music. I want to create different and unique combinations of styles that previously weren’t thought of. I want to evolve music into the future.

Since idols are one of those underground things that you love and you’re working with idols and idol producers, do you consider yourself an idol at this point?

Even though the terms “Hyperpop” and “idol” have changed so much over time and now have various meanings depending on who you ask, I would like to believe that I embody both of them. “Hyperpop” was a label that was given to my music and to me as an artist, during the time when the genre couldn’t even be defined accurately. The way I approach making music is with an idol-like mentality and a focus on impressing and inspiring people through visuals and creating a sense of a pop culture moment. 

Staying true to my message as an artist and encouraging people to pursue their dreams (no matter how impossible they may seem) I think it would be fun to be part of a new generation of idol artists. So why not? Just like I said in my song  “iCarly”, ”I’m your Internet idol” after all.

Finally, since you love Zenkimi, who’s your favourite member?

This question makes me think of that “I think somebody tried to set me up” video. Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da has changed so many members from their original lineup and it’s always so sad when you no longer see the familiar faces that you’re so used to. So… I support the group as a whole rather than pick an individual oshimen. 

I think every single one of them is so cool and individualistic and they bring something unique and special to the group. If I had to say which member is the most similar to Kyunchi personality-wise, I would say Motochika Kasane. I also want to give special kudos to Kisaragi Megumi for being a great group leader. She is very involved in the group activities and does a lot of work so I just wanted to acknowledge that! 

But if I was a member, this would be my profile

  • Hobbies: Playing Otome games & reading BL 
  • Special skill: Making pterodactyl noises
  • Member color:  Shiny
  • A hurting word: “You’re not worthy of the forbidden tea girl juice!”
  • Weapon: Stuffed animal

After this, Kyunchi dissolved into a mass of jpeg artifcats that fluttered away into a nearby electricity line. When Cal checked their phone, the only thing on screen was a gyaru with her middle finger up.

So, there you have it. The genderless virtual pet in your phone is bleeding out into the ether and dyeing your world in artificial pink, with Nonamera and Syva in tow. Kyunchi also told us that there’s another song produced by Syva on the way, so if you’re hungry for more after listening to “WORLDWIDE☆GIRL” and their entire discography, your new friend has more on the way.