We Interview Idols: YONEKO

In this current early 2019 period of disbandments, graduations and letdowns, a favourite from all the way since the birth of Homicidols has instead gone down an opposite route. Herself being a victim of the “start of the year curse” just last year, Yoneko has been buckling down hard to make sure there’s at least one idol providing consistent positivity through the tides of bad news from other performers. In just three months, Yoneko has graced us with a digital single, three CD-Rs, a fantastic collaboration with FEATURES and three music videos.

Most recently, she has been making a passionate effort to reach out to her fans outside of Japan, turning her into a beloved figure amongst the western idol fandom almost overnight.

She’s even going through the trouble of setting up a Bandcamp for overseas fans, despite the burden being so tedious it led her to drop a curse word or two!


As she welcomed her overseas fandom with open arms, Yoneko expressed her interest in being interviewed by foreign blogs. And, well, as a foreign blog that has followed her career since 2016, how could we not take such an opportunity? And so, via a few email exchanges, Yoneko was more than happy to answer some of our questions.

“I want to be known as widely as the Queen”

Homicidols: Can you please introduce yourself in your own words?

Yoneko: I am a solo idol who does not enter the office and works self-produced.

Once I belonged to BELLING Girls Heart and MIGMA SHELTER. While I am doing live performances all the time, I’m also acting as a character’s voice actor, but I want to become a famous and popular voice actor.

Homicidols: You’ve performed a lot of different styles of music both in your old groups and as a soloist. What genres would you like to try in the future?

Yoneko: I do not have any genres I would like to do in the future, but I want to do anything!

Homicidols: Who are some people you admire and find inspiration from?

Yoneko: I am inspired by various people. But there is no one I specifically model myself on in life.

Homicidols: Can you tell us more about your past collaborations with Nakano Ropeway and your pop-up shop?

Yoneko: I do not remember! I’m sorry! But I did it happily every time.

Homicidols: Could you please tell us the backstory behind the famous dog photo?

Yoneko: Is it the picture of me bitten by a dog? That was taken by an otaku woman. I was doing an “offline-meeting” at that time. Three lawn dogs came there and played with them. It was sweet biting.

Homicidols: Do you aspire to bring your performance to people outside of Japan?

Yoneko: Of course. I want to be known to people as widely as the Queen. I want to go public.

Homicidols: You have many international fans! What are the most valuable things that these fans outside of Japan can do to support you?

Yoneko: I am glad that you will introduce me to your friends!

I am also very pleased that you will watch MV on YouTube and listen on Spotify.

Thank you for finding me.

So there you have it, friends. Go tell it on the mountain that YONEKO is coming, and she’s bringing overly aggressive little dogs with her.