We Interview Idols: POLARIS★

Last time, we welcomed the lovely rookie group END OF IDOL and heard them share about their idol activities as well as the image they’re aiming for. On this episode of “Vietnamese Idol Society” (a random name I just came up with), please let Homicidols introduce you to a veteran group in the scene, POLARIS★ (@Polaris_idolVN), who has a completely different charm.

(From left to right, Rin, Hikari, Rei and Shiki)

We can actually say that POLARIS is an old friend of Homicidols as they have already appeared on the site in this quite detailed article back in 2020 . The only thing I can add is, as a Vietnamese myself, I just love how they portray our country in their work. 

As you can see, most of their song are in Japanese, which is cool and can help them to reach out more to Japanese fans and to international fans in general. However, watching their MVs and videos, you can easily think “Yeah, this definitely takes place in Vietnam. They are a Vietnamese idol group!”

After 6 years of idol activities, they sure have gone through many difficulties and also achieved remarkable achievements. With that in mind, let’s discover more about their stories with Homicidols through this interview!

Homicidols: Let’s start with this basic question: What inspired you to become an idol?

POLARIS★: Everything comes from passion. In addition to being passionate about Japanese idols, the group members also love performing and bringing energy to the stage. Our members have met and bonded with that passion. Deciding to have activities as an idol group and to become one, we want to show each member’s seriousness to our  passion as well as to those who watch and love the group’s performance.

Homicidols: What is the meaning of the name “POLARIS”?

POLARIS★: The group’s name is inspired by Polaris – the North Star, the brightest star in the night sky, almost always motionless but always standing just above the North Pole, and has most of the other stars in the northern region revolving around it. With the meaning that the Pole Star never stops shining in the night sky, we hope that the members as a group can shine like Polaris, always stand firmly to face all difficulties ahead, to bring smiles and positive energy to everyone. In addition, the members also love cute polar bears, so we often call our fans “PO Bear”.

Homicidols:I noticed that you guys often appear in this red outfit. It seems to have an interesting design, can you share a bit more about the inspiration and what you want to convey through this outfit?

POLARIS★: The outfit is a harmonious combination of traditional elements of Vietnam and Japan. We take the main inspiration from Vietnamese modernized Áo Dài. The sleeves are brocade Chirimen – an unique traditional Japanese fabric, the form of the outfit is kept the closest compared to Áo Dài that Vietnamese people often wear. Through this outfit, POLARIS wants Japanese people to know about Vietnam’s traditional clothes, Áo Dài. We also hope Vietnamese can pay attention to this unique Japanese fabric, thereby serving as a premise for cultural exchanges between the two countries, as well as become a bridge connecting Vietnam and Japan.

Homicidols: POLARIS has a management company based in Japan. Does this bring any advantages or disadvantages to the group?

(POLARIS members ceberates 3W day, a day for their own company)

POLARIS★: The fact that our management company is based in Japan helps us with many benefits. In addition to being able to support VISA for POLARIS to perform in Japan, since they have a lot of experience in managing artists, we are supported a lot from schedules, practice, activities, and plans when we go on tour. During 2 years of the pandemic, many implementation plans in Vietnam were postponed, which is an inconvenience for us. However, we hope that from 2022 on, things will become more favorable and we can carry out the plans set out earlier.

Homicidols: Through the behind-the-scenes photos for the POLARIS DREAM MV, I see that you guys also participated in the filming process. It seems that idol activity for POLARIS is more than just singing and dancing. Can you share any other skills that you guys have learned along the way?

POLARIS★: During our activities with POLARIS, the members have accumulated many other skills, not only during the MV filming process. You can call POLARIS as a “staff idol” group. All activities with POLARIS usually consist of only 5 people, 4 idols and 1 manager. The more difficult stages that require a high level of expertise, such as music production and tailoring, usually require a little help from people who love POLARIS . The members taught themselves how to sing and dance, we also wrote our own lyrics for new songs. In the group, there is also a member who specializes in designing costumes for POLARIS. Our manager, in addition to being a manager, is also a producer and videographer, adjusts sound and light as well as shoots MVs for the group. When filming, all members will support each other with lights, fonts, makeup and costume.

Homicidols: Can you tell which member is in charge of costume design for the group? Does she have any experience in this field before being in POLARIS?

POLARIS★: The member in charge of the group’s costume design ideas is Rin. Although design is not Rin‘s major, with passion and love, as well as responsibility to the team, Rin always tries to draw designs that match the requirements of the manager. Actually, not only designing but also sewing, making props, composing music, writing lyrics, choreography, etc. Gradually, over time, everyone’s skills improved. Although there were many difficulties at first, we gradually got used to it, and forged our independence, self-control as well as many other diverse skills.

Homicidols: You guys are the first Japanese-style Vietnamese idol group and can be said to be the only one operating in Hanoi. Have you ever felt “lonely” walking on this path alone?

POLARIS★: Being the first and only Japanese-style Vietnamese idol group in Hanoi actually brings a lot of benefits to the group, but it’s also quite sad when POLARIS has to do everything alone. We can’t exchange and learn more experiences from other groups, neither be able to perform and collaborate with them. There are also a lot of things that can’t be done alone. So yeah, it can be said that POLARIS is a bit lonely. But positively thinking, in Vietnam, POLARIS is not the only idol group, there are other idol groups operating in Ho Chi Minh City too. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to meet and interact with them.

Homicidols: Recently, you have just held a one-man live at Campus Hanoi. Can you share your feelings while preparing and after the show?

POLARIS★: Actually, the one-man live this time is POLARIS’ first show after 2 years of the epidemic. Therefore, we have a lot of worries and suspense about this live. Worrying is because we have not been on stage for 2 years, there are many things to prepare, from rehearsing the group’s songs, practicing singing, practicing dancing, rehearsing the lineup, doing strength training and so on. The members also had solo performances so everyone was super nervous. Suspense is because after 2 years, we don’t know if people still care and support POLARIS, we don’t know how many people will come to the live, we don’t know if the group can finish the live well. In general, a lot of suspense. But you know what, all that anxiety and nervousness disappeared when our members stepped onto the stage. Those feelings were replaced by our dedication to the show.

POLARIS is still practicing hard every day to wait until we can stand on stage again. So when the live was completed, the members of POLARIS had a lot of emotions. There are joys, sorrows, regrets and expectations. Although the live still had some small issues, gladly, POLARIS finished the live well. We were able to see the smiles and love from the fans, as well as their support after 2 years of separation. We were also a bit sad and regretful because the live was over: “I wish the live could last longer”, “I wish I could meet the fans a little longer”, are what were in our mind afterwards. Because of that, we are more and more looking forward to the next live show. Hopefully after this live, POLARIS will still receive a lot of love from everyone.

Homicidols: In addition to one-man live, I notice that POLARIS also perform at other events (at cosplay/ Japanese culture convention for example). So, do you guys feel something different in each type of stage?

POLARIS★: As for the stage at open events, the show time is only 10-25 minutes, the stage is wide and there are many audiences (including fans and non-fans), so it sometimes makes us feel overwhelmed and worried. We’re nervous about how to perform properly. Sometimes worrying too much leads us to psychological pressure, causing mistakes on stage. But this is also an opportunity for us to reach more people than the one-man live stage. The hardest part is controlling the wide stage and maintaining the “enthusiasm” atmosphere throughout the live.

As for one-man live, the performance lasts up to 1-1.5 hours, so it requires us to have a good physical foundation to maintain such a long performance. However, in this stage, the audience is mostly people who already know POLARIS, so we also feel a little less insecure.

Homicidols: Finally, can you say a few words to international fans as well as readers of Homicidols?

POLARIS★: Thanks to Homicidols for giving POLARIS the opportunity to share many things, helping fans understand more about us. We were very happy to receive an interview invitation from Homicidols. Looking back on our 6 years of operation, it can be said that POLARIS has experienced countless seemingly insurmountable difficulties. But thanks to the efforts of everyone in the group, we are still here and continue to bring smiles to everyone. So we hope that everyone will continue to support and cheer for us, as well as follow the members’ journey on the path to pursuing our dreams. Thank you very much, Homicidols and everyone.

Once again, thanks to POLARIS for participating in this interview, despite their busy schedule this September with practicing and new events. We wish you the very best in this fun and promising idol journey.