We Interview Idols: C.LiTZ

For my final interview of 2022 it seems fitting to cover a group that both began and ended their year in fine style. Kicking things off in early January with their storming debut EP “MiDNiGHT STRAYER“, fan-favourite live idol duo C.LiTZ (a combination of “Claw + Blitz”) have developed from an attention-grabbing curio into one of the most charismatic and exciting groups on the Korean idol scene.

C.LiTZ members KANAO (@CLiTZ_KANAO) (left) and M0NE (@TRVUM3R3i)

A fusion of two distinct yet complementary personalities, KANAO‘s high-energy born-idol enthusiasm and M0NE‘s reserved-but-relatable big sister cool found common ground with their shared love of cats and all things two-steppable to create a group with a singular style unlike anything else out there. From their instantly iconic “cat claw” logo to their striking, self-designed costumes and with a name that all but demands your attention, few other idol groups leave such an immediate first impression. But it’s the quality of their original songs and spirited live shows that really left their mark in the long term and made them such beloved regulars on the live idol circuit.

Fresh off the back of their first one-man live and with their second EP “ESCAPE” releasing internationally this week, the girls were kind enough to share some time with us for a quick interview. So let’s get to it!

Homicidols: Can you tell us how your group got started? The members first performed together in the project team C.yndrome, was that a fun experience?

KANAO: The C.yndrome activity was fun, but I thought there were a lot of aspects that were disappointing. Still, it seems that our current group can exist because of that. C.LiTZ began when M0NE first suggested to me, “Would you like to become an idol together?”

M0NE: C.LiTZ was a group that started off very spontaneously, but as time went on, every moment became fun because we engaged so sincerely with our idol activities.

C.LiTZ is a name that immediately grabs people’s attention. Can you tell us where that came from?

M0: I came up with the name of the group. C.LiTZ, as you know, is “Claw + Blitz”. Actually, I was going to go with “Blitz” at first, but since we came together from a group called C.yndrome, I thought it would be nice to have a group name with that “C” in order not to forget that history. I didn’t know it at the time, but it turned out to be a really interesting name! I think that’s pretty funny.

KA: The name of the group was M0NE’s idea. I’d thought hard about it, but I couldn’t come up with any good ideas. In the meantime, M0NE said, “How about this as a group name?” and I was immediately like “OK!”. The words “Claw + Blitz” also fit well with our concept. I was surprised to learn the other meaning of the group name later, but now I feel the same as M0NE about it.

Can you tell us about the songs on the new EP? Did you approach things differently this time around?

M0: The first EP related to that feeling of being confused when facing the world for the first time. However, this time around with our second release, I would like to give a message that I am struggling to reach the ideal while accepting the awkward world.

C.LiTZ recently held their first one-man live. It must have been a proud moment.

M0: A lot of people came just to see C.LiTZ and we could show them those things that only we have done. Our group who had depended on other idols could finally exist on our own. It was a truly fulfilling performance.

KA: I was really happy and happy to be able to show the stage full of C.LiTZ’s unique color to my heart’s content, and the events of that day still remain as vivid memories.

What do you like to do in your free time? (if you have free time)

M0: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

KA: I search out and listen to new music, play League of Legends, or find and watch videos related to it on YouTube. Other than that, I like to sleep.

C.LiTZ are famous among live idol teams for their two-step style. Was that planned or did it happen by accident?

M0: I thought it was a coincidence until our debut performance, but after debuting, I thought it was destiny. Who else would do it if not C.LiTZ?

KA: I thought it was coincidence at first. However, as a result of working so hard to improve, many people looked at it favorably and we all enjoyed it together. I’m happy to be known as a two-step idol, and if I have a goal, it’s to be the best two-step idol in the world.

C.LiTZ are one of the first Korean idol groups to create an online fan club. It seems fans are very important to you.

M0: All idols will think the same. Fans are very important to idols. Idols can exist because their fans continue to support them. We want to offer more, especially for fans who are more supportive of us.

KA: We couldn’t exist without our fans. They are the most precious people, and I am always grateful for them.

What are the good and bad things about being an idol?

M0: Idols never get tired.

KA: The good thing about being an idol is that you can shine brightly while receiving support and love from so many people, and there’s nothing bad about it.

Lastly, do you have a message for overseas fans who might be reading this?

M0: Did you find an idol group with a eye-catching name? Great! Then, are you ready for the revolution that the idol group will bring?

KA: The next step of the non-stop C.LiTZ, please follow along closely.

Thanks once again to KANAO and M0NE for taking the time out of their very hectic schedules to spend some time with us. “ESCAPE” was released digitally on December 2nd and is available now at your streaming service of choice.