We Haven’t Made Enough of a Big Deal out of BURST GIRL’s Latest So Let’s Do It Now

BURST GIRL, who it should not surprise you at all are a resident favorite here at Homicidols Dot Com, fairly quietly dropped themselves a new song the other day via MV and streamers, and we all had ourselves a nice react in Team chat and even talked about timing it to come on the heels of the ATARASHII GAKKOU post to take advantage of the (measurable and noticeable!) influx of traffic based on that group’s engineered international breakout. Why we didn’t do it yet is, uh, I’m pretty sure my fault, so get the hell out of my face.

Anyway, “Saiteihen Romance”:

First, can we please talk about that bass (no treble)*? D hears Primus in the tone, I hear the epic Mudvayne intro, it doesn’t really matter because that bass line owns and sets the tone right out of the gate. And the best part is, the song structure is such a beautiful mess that I completely forget about it until we get back to basics again around 1:40 after running through, I don’t know, like trap and then rap metal and pop punk? And then even after bringing the theme back we then have to mash all of their earlier genre sections through a food processor and set to boil? What a ride.

I swear it, I’ve enjoyed a lot of BURST GIRL (and Guso Drop) tunes over the years, and this might be the one that I dig the most … and other than the all-in group chorus, I’d probably struggle to identify anything about it that sounds particularly BURST GIRL! They’re doing that a lot lately. Good for them. And what a journey this group of women has gone through in the past however long since they split with Daichi, from largely following their old Guso lead to charting a fairly borderless path filled with music that they’re clearly doing becaue they want to. I know that a lot of idols do it for the love, but I’m not sure if anybody has as much on-their-own-terms fun as BURST GIRL doing any of it.

*You’re welcome