We Haven’t Heard from PapiRosier in Forever, So Why Not

Damn, you guys, talk about a blast from the past; once upon a time (like almost a year ago), I got kind of excited with/for PapiRosier after they dropped this fun little number, but then things got kind of silent on that front and oh well, I guess that’s just how it goes, it’s idol, maybe they don’t even–

Thanks again, Pure Idol Heart!

I’ll always support idols from the less-heralded scenes (Fukuoka in this case!), especially if they can get a little nasty out there, but I’ll also always be kind of sad that, well, hopes and expectations and projections and stuff like that … the Stones had this one right.

Happy Sunday! And for the first time in forever, there’s nothing to vote on, and definitely no pitches to become a patron of Homicidols.com because, hell, why continuously annoy people about that?