We Have Found the Ultimate in Skawaiidols!

I figure that I’ve waited long enough to gratify your friend and mine, Mister Mister, who quite strongly advocated for this investigation while we were on the question of ska idols (and then laid it on thick!), and I just traveled a significant distance to watch my football team get embarrassed on their home field and figure, hey, let’s put some extra bright shininess into Sunday.

Also, for the sake of this exercise, I may have just broken my own personal idol portmanteau record.


So! The reasons why I’ve never gone down the Momoiro Clover Z rabbit hole are complex; so far, this is as close as it gets. But a good idea, I think!

Yes, Batten Show Jo Tai (Twitter) (as they seem to prefer to render it) is the littlest sisters of one of the biggest acts in international pop, let alone J-pop. The members are all part of one of Stardust Promotion’s youth projects (learn a bunch more). It’s ordinarily considered abusive to expose kids to whatever substances inspire this kind of manic, bouncy energy, but considering the outcome, I think it’s okay.

Now, the context here is that we were talking about ska idols. The above, that certainly gets some of that high-energy bounce inherent in the genre, but what about something more straightforwardly identifiable as, if not ska proper, something that’s definitely in the same ballpark?

There you go. That’s their most recent single, “Yoka Yoka Dance,” just released last month. And it’s not like an isolated incident!

Heh. “But Show.”

All righty, Mister Mister. You win this round.

5 thoughts on “We Have Found the Ultimate in Skawaiidols!

  1. YES! Thank you!
    Their music is SO GOOD!
    Their whole discography is really solid! Not all ska but almost all high energy, fun and bouncy!
    And they look fun live, too!

    Finally Stardust did it: They have group that i actually enjoy! 🙂

    Now let’s see how they will fuck it up…

  2. “Yoka Yoka Dance” was the ending theme to Dragonball Super. That’s why in the video they actually do the Kamehameha, and mention Saiyans.
    I never looked up who performed it, even though I thought it was a good song.

  3. Batten Show-jo Tai are a key data point in Cooper’s Theory of Southerly Increasing Idol Ska-ification.
    Also, they’re Stardust’s most incorporating-headbanging-in-your-choreography prone group, which should possibly earn them a place here anyway..

  4. I like at least two stardust groups already MomoClo, and Ebisu. They produce some pretty quality high energy groups so this isn’t all that surprising to me. Not really a big fan of ska though, but this is alright.

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