We Got That New akugi Track and Stuff, for It Is Neat

So you may have seen and/or heard that recent Codomomental debutante akugi dropped a preview track yesterday, which wasn’t foreshadowed so much as all but outwardly promised after some heavy-handed tweets and enough of a timeline (if you pay attention to such things) since the last drop that it only made sense.

And of course we missed the boat! It happens, man. Life gets busy. But communities and Teams are nice and helpful things, and of course we didn’t miss the boat completely, we just had to chase after it in a little fishing dinghy with a vintage outboard that we commandeered at knifepoint from some poor sap who just wanted to toss his line in the water, maybe get a nice catfish for dinner. Poor guy. But not poor us, for we have the song, and you’d better believe that we’re going to share it after the jump in imitation of the usual format for these posts, and boy oh boy if syva hates that fans share his songs after the preview windows close under normal circumstances, I can only imagine how he’ll feel about this.

Sorry syva, we got a mission to uphold around here.

That’s wild! I often find myself wishing I knew more about EDM to be able to talk about it intelligently, but beats: good and samples: cool and I’ll always be down with more idols associating with dark-sounding electronic music. No lyrics to share because of the aforementioned boat-missing, but this is accompanied by a whole lot of good akugi-related news. For instance:

Just two months away until their first EP!

And an MV! Which I frankly thought would be the result here, like now, but that’s fine. Akugi has proven to be one of the more interesting acts to emerge over the past several months, and I’m really excited to see where they land once there’s more (and more fleshed-out) media of theirs to consume and relentlessly judge.