We Found a Way to Make the Corenament Even More Exhausting

Do you partake in the NCAA Tournaments? They’re a grind. Even grindier, though, are the respective conference tournaments that are held prior to it — in larger conferences, a team might have to win four games in four days to win the title, and the ones that do are usually the ones who started at the bottom.

Wither Hanako-san, then. A 12 seed, and the only 12 in Corenament history to not only still be alive at this point, but to have a realistic chance at winning — despite your interference, Rain!again because they were cruelly recalled from death to stand in for lossless human demon girl Hanako-san. Rain truly believed in their power, and again they fell. And it robbed us of a chance to see upstart ass-kicker Kakuriyo against an unliving chika legend!

Saki, 2&, similar boat; Daemon felt that his best chance to progress wasn’t to stick with who had defeated the single greatest entity in the entire history of idol, but called up denizens of the dead NECRONOMIDOL after they had already faltered against Zekkyou. Necroma got smoked by BiSH, and, because they were already twice losers, had to be replaced in the Loser’s Bracket by the poor, hard-working solo idol they’d supplanted. Saki made lemonade out of Candye Syrup, Pikarin and There There Theres, and (seeing as how she identically has zero losses) stands poised to make my weekend miserable.

So here’s the deal: If Hanako-san and Saki both win today (respectively against Screaming Sixties and Minna no Kodomo-chan), we’ll make a new Final Four with a yet-to-be-determined* wrinkle; if either of them loses, they get the Money in the Bank briefcase from Queen of the Scene that Emi from Desu.Rabbits hasn’t ever tried to play; if they both lose, thereby giving all four competitors currently sitting in the Loser’s Bracket one loss, they can face each other in an interpolatory sub-round, then add one more match to the Loser’s winner prior to their shot at the winner of Kakuriyo-BiSH. Make sense? Probably not!

Vote today only!

As benightedly impressive as Saki and Hanako have been, I feel like the real story of the Corenament so far has to be KTA. During entry, they actually had the second most overall votes (Necroma still cleared them by a mile), and they’ve just been smashing everybody along the way. Can they do it to BiSH, too? We’ll find out tomorrow!

*Who am I trying to kid? I know exactly what I’m going to do!