We Can Build BiS by Paying off on a Stupid Joke I Made Months Ago

Once upon a time, this happened:

You will not believe what just came to life.

Our buddy @supremenothing alerted me to this completely bonkers campaign:

Basically, do you remember that film Nerve? Maybe not! I don’t think it did nearly as well as the studio wanted it to. Or maybe it did. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that it’s going to open in Japan relatively soon, and there’s this very natural partnership with a certain primal (heh) idol group that just so happens to have a very well-known signature song called … “nerve.”

How about that! Kinda gets to that comment about GANG PARADE and how WACK’s building a sort of alterna-stable in the idolverse; if there’s anything that Watanabe loves, it’s promotional opportunities.

So anyway, if you’re interested in having BiS provide the OH COME ON natural theme music for the Japanese release of Nerve, all you have to do is like every tweet out of the official campaign account. There seems to be some additional element by which one of the members wins something? There’s a ranking thingy on the website referenced in the tweet above, and this is the first tweet from that official campaign account:

Though, to be fair, Gozeela sort of always looks that way.