We Are Going to Be Graced with a New Osaka Shunkashuto Single

One of the most obvious glaring needs in idol lately, at least in this Maniac’s opinion, has been Osaka Shunkashuto not releasing anything in a year (that is, basically a lifetime in idol). Everybody knows that MAINA is everything good and right in music, but we want more, period. And more what? Rock songs? R&B? Amiina-esque alt-pop? Friggin’ soul?

We’re about to find out!

New Me will be released on the 31st. I’m already excited. The group has apparently already filmed an/the first MV for it, too, so we’ll likely be getting our first glimpse in soon.

For the record, they should feel completely free to give us “Baby Crazy” again. Like four or five versions of that, that’d be good.

UPDATE: Previously misidentified as an album for some idiotic reason. Probably because I wrote it at like 4:00 a.m. Thanks, Chris!

23 thoughts on “We Are Going to Be Graced with a New Osaka Shunkashuto Single

  1. They’re all out of the “junior Idol” range now, right? Hope they can endure the pressures of looming adultness, and all stick with SSFW.

    Management could also put all those “sold out” PV’s back up. I’m still sad the Soezimax director felt compelled to pull them all down.

  2. Right, it’s out on itunes now and I’m listening to it and I thought I’d give my impressions where no-one will see.

    1. New Me
    It’s great! Obviously it would be. Maina could sing the Teletubbies theme tune or recite Pi set to music composed by cat walking on a piano and it would sound like heaven. It’s a soulful number rather than a rock one and by the end it’s embedded in your brain.

    2. some squiggles. byu-ro-something? (I can’t read Japanese and can’t be arsed to look it up)
    Someone rapping. Nothing against idol hip-hop but what a waste not to have YOUR ABSOLUTE STAR singing! I can’t tell if it’s Maina rapping or not but it’s a waste anyway. There is a chorus she does sing though so that redeems it.

    3A.New Me (Lazerdisk Remix)
    Now this is bloody awful. I’m not sure if someone else is singing or they’ve just distorted the vocal but it’s rubbish.

    3B. squiggles (Anamanaguchi remix)
    I kind of like this. I’m not sure why, it reminds me in places of those terrible ringtone adverts you used to see on telly in the 00’s, but it still manages to sound enjoyable. Get the B version if you’re buying the CD.

    This is why I should never be allowed to do reviews.

    • Oh, fun though! I’m fighting with iTunes about my Japan account, or I’d have published something about it today. Thanks for sharing — I listened to the 3B preview and definitely got a kick out of hearing Anamanaguchi (like the only chiptune thing I can usually get behind) mixing up SSFW.

      I think I’ll publish an FYI tomorrow — do you mind if I include this?

      • Erm, sure if you really want to include my ramblings. It’s out on western itunes if you didn’t know.

        Oh and someone add my calendar submissions from the forum. It’s getting lonely in there with only the Polish spambots for company. Unless I’m banned from the calendar for being a wally last week.

        • Yeah, the thing I was going to post was basically “is it available in your country because remember what happened with PassCode”. Good, great. You’ll be a star!

          Also, yeah, the Polish ramblings. Lovely. I hadn’t looked in at the forums for a minute, but thank you for the reminder.

          • Release of the actual-physical-object single is 31/1, so, hopefully, the MV will be then-ish.

            The video released to mobile members was (if Google translation is to be trusted) only part of the MV.

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