Watch Together, Talk Together

Hey gang, I’m making this into a repository post, so please do feel free to add things in the comments so I can add them for real

It’s not only possible, but easy, to enjoy the finest things in idol with other people just like you! Yes, terrifyingly, there are actually quite a few of us in the world, and the WONDERS OF TECHNOLOGY make creating and communicating in community spaces a very simple proposition. Watch video, chat about things, hurl invective at people who diss your oshi, the options are many!

If getting chatty is your thing, Garry at Idol Is Shit put together this chat room in Discord. Boans is deliberately subchatting me in the current view, but I can attest that things can get pretty wild in there sometimes, with the Pikarin vs. Ladybaby rivalry* burning brightly. You can also hit up the Alternative Idol room (also in Discord) that Terry created.

The man known as poleosis (you might know him as Lee!) has created this cool video watch-and-talk repository via CyTube. Every time I visit, I’m dropped right into the middle of a BiSH performance, but there are 35.5 (and counting) hours of video in there, and a handy chat pod so you can gab with others in the community about what you’re watching, what you wish you were watching, your reasons for like Chitti over Aina, etc. Learn more from the man himself here.

Now, if you happen to know of other spaces for live chat, with or without video, share them! A big part of our ability to build the international audience for our kind of idols is our ability to connect with each other and foster a sense of community that other folks can step into to learn as they go.

*Not actually a thing!

One thought on “Watch Together, Talk Together

  1. I’ll waive my appearance fee and join whichever of the Discord channels I’m not already in. It’s surprisingly great to be able to talk about esoteric nerd stuff with people who actually know/care about it!
    Also that CyTube thing looks neat, I’ve been looking for a platform like that for a while 😀

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