Warp Your Reality with JyuJyu’s New MV

I love this exact time of the year, with idols getting their spring releases out there and infesting YouTube with all kinds of madness.

Case in point, JyuJyu with the lead track off of their “black thread” single; we’ve heard the song before, and it’s fun, but the video’s one Lament Configuration or VHS tape short of taking us completely into a nightmare realm:

Thanks again, Terry!

This is what gothic lolita was invented for. What a look. So well-suited. I particularly like the little inversions of the idol video trope of having the group dance (often in lolita garb) in a mansion; sure, JyuJyu can do that, too, but they’re also going to tear apart space-time and imply that the members may in fact be trapped in a mirror realm while demon-possessed aspects of themselves inhabit our realm for entertainment. And to a song that could have come out of Tiger Army’s playbook? Please and thanks.

I’m so glad that JyuJyu survived their member shock last year. Idol needs this; I need this.

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