Want to See BiSH with a Hardcore Band?

It seems that BiSH are taking their “All You Need Is Punk and Love” slogan seriously. This from their second Idol vs. Visual show with the Legendary Six Nine:

And here’s a ton of photos courtesy of the unofficial fanpage on Facebook.

I’m really liking this performing-with-bands thing that more and more groups are doing lately. It helps to drive home the idea that an idol group can and should be taken seriously as an artistic project, not just a promotional or developmental entity.

4 thoughts on “Want to See BiSH with a Hardcore Band?

    • PassCode’s Nao said it best — we’re getting to the point where people can be more than just fans of idols or fans of bands, but fans of music. These crossover joint ventures are huge that way.

      But man, folks are just teeing off on ol’ Ladybaby anymore. Where’s the death pop contingent to defend their people’s honor?

  1. Where is the hardcore band? In the audience? Hidden somewhere behind Legendary Six Nine? ;P

    • You know, I wouldn’t even go in that direction normally, but I’ve seen people using the hardcore tag on everything from Refused to Descendants anymore, and I figured, sure.

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