Wanna Hear BiSH’s Anime Theme?

Remember that ish with BiSH (ha) and the mini-album they have coming out, the one that’s going to include an anime theme?

This is that theme:

Good job, John!

Remember when Chitti did this last year?

I’m going to go on the record and say that I really, really prefer this song to “Promise the Star.” I’m also really glad that, business pressures aside, they’ve still got plenty of good in them; much like ayumikurikamaki, was it really necessary to scare us that way?

Takes as hot as Maniac’s on “Promise the Star” are as free as they are frequently idiotic, but why not become a patron and goad him toward even greater crimes against sensibility?

One thought on “Wanna Hear BiSH’s Anime Theme?

  1. Discussing this with my partner last night, we thought “Wow, BiSH has really gone mainstream.” Then, I thought about their career before that and wondered if it was a good idea to expose the “pure” minds of children to BiSH too early on, in case it fucks them up.

    So we watched two episodes of Heybot, the show the ending theme is for. And, well… Any child growing up on this is already exposed to mixed messages that made me think that Adventure Time was pretty mild in terms of double-entendre.

    So, the kids are going to need therapy anyway, better equip them with the music to deal with it.

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