Wanna hear ayumikurikamaki’s New Song?

Ayukuma’s been making a lot of hay about getting their new single, “Tabidachi no Uta” (they’re calling it “Song of the New Beginning” in English), selected as the ending theme for this Naruto show that I’ve never watched but I know a bunch of people do watch because there are commercials on Cartoon Network and stuff.

You can get it via iTunes (Japan), too, which is pretty exciting if you’re so inclined.

But you can also get yourself a legit sneak peek by looking at the Naruto end credits in question.

Good find, Jordan!

Can I just say something?

Look, in a vacuum, it’s a fine song. It’s there. And it’s by the world’s funnest bears-turned-idols! And I get that it’s meant to be very accessible and suitable for things (though it was probably written prior to being acquired by whoever does things like pick themes for TV shows).

But man, this is supposed to be ayumikurikamaki? You know, the people responsible for “JET KUMA STAR” and “WAR CRY” and some of the most life-is-a-party music this side of Andrew WK? This isn’t theirs, like at all. This is the kind of thing that I always worry about when I see that so-and-so’s going to make a major debut.

Now, do I actually think that ayukuma’s had all of the fun sucked out of them? No, that’s ridiculous. It is literally impossible for the young women responsible for this …

… to not be as cool as we’ve seen them being. And likewise, it’s not like everything they did previously was 100 miles per hour down the Fun Tunnel.

But I’m temporarily disappointed. And also excited! I do believe that this is the first time I had much negative to say about idols that I really do love. This is a big day in Homicidols History!

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