Wallow in the Worst with This Friday Fun

Last week, you reviewed idol releases in the easiest to consume way!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I love drawing idols. Even paid big bucks (okay, £40) on specific illustration software, even though my drawings are nowhere near that kind of professional quality that would justify such a purchase!

Back in the day of course, (and sometimes even now, if I’m feeling particularly lazy) if I had to draw anything on a digital medium, it had to be trusty, free, MS Paint. Who hasn’t used it at some point? Even though the program has become slightly more sophisticated over the years, let’s be real, it’s still pretty hard even for veteran artists to create something good out of it.

So there’s your challenge for this weekend! Open up MS Paint (or your computer’s equivalent) and draw an oshi or two. I’ll give you bonus points if you go so far as to download and use the classic MS Paint!

Tweet your creations with the hashtag #MSPaintIdols, and maybe we can fill a gallery like all those ex-BiS girls have been doing lately!