Wake up to New BiS Times Two

It was only a matter of time before BiS started teasing out more material from Re:STUPiD; the first thing you should do is give these a listen:

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“If Tomorrow Comes” is a pumped-up combo shot of a bunch of well-worn BiS territory; it reminds me of “ODD FUTURE” in particular, with some “FiNAL DANCE” mixed in; I say this as praise, because those are both great songs of theirs from the original final album, when they were the most mature musically, if a bit defanged.

There is no such issue with this next one.

OTOTOY download

“Nothing Wants to Translate Me at All” (so let’s just call it “ぎぶみあちょこれいと”!) “Give Me a Chocolate!” (see comments) is closer to what I’ve been holding out for, louder and more aggressive; it does not remind me of old BiS material and comes closest yet out of all of their post-resurrection material to being the BiS I love the most (if anything, in the way the chorus and some of the instrumentation are constructed, it reminds me of NECRONOMIDOL, but just a little bit). This is an angry ballad.

I feel better about the new album, though I’ll go right ahead and say that I’m still waiting for something with the overall fist-to-the-face of “IDOL” or “IDOL is DEAD” or “BiSimulation.” I’ll take them both over “SAY YES.” We’ll find out soon!

20 thoughts on “Wake up to New BiS Times Two

  1. Pretty sure ぎぶみあちょこれいと is Give Me a Chocolate. Nothing will translate it because it’s actually English written in hiragana for some reason. Also, I’m new here, hello!

        • I’ve been trying to decide if it’s that deliberate a thing or just a weird coincidence. We’ll need to see the choreo (or at least get a lyrics translation) to know for sure!

          • It has to be deliberate. The song that’s got their [peers] touring the world?
            It says Ubu wrote the lyrics, I wonder if she picked the name, too. (This is assuming the lyrics have nothing to do with the cheeky name…)

          • Upon further review, per Mister Mister’s observation, I looked at the machine translation of the lyrics, and if “red light” has the same connotations in Japan as elsewhere, this could be about a prostitute (or, English title, sex tourists?). That’s very different! And very within the bounds of reason, given primal.2!

          • There are lyrics in the SoundCloud descriptions, if there are any BABYMETAL references they are not overt enough to survive Google translate.

            The descriptions also confirm Kenta Matsukuma composed the songs.

          • Red light in this song is 赤信号 (akashingou) more so traffic light/stop light; red light district would be 赤線 (akasen) or “red line”. Still this is a cleverly written song (Peritan really surprised me) and has a bit of room for poetic interpretation.

            There’s really nothing I can tell that references BABYMETAL other than the similar title, I think it’s more alluding to wanting the chocolate as a Valentine’s gift, looking for love, emotional teenage stuff.

            Anyway, this is a badass sounding song. I really freaking love this song.

          • I don’t know the woman personally, but Lui’s a really interesting person — huge Morning Musume fan, for instance, and close with Oomori Seiko, and for all the apparent bad that she brings to working relationships, she always seemed to be good about encouraging the success of others (except Yuffy). Like 90% of the idols I’ve ever seen do or say anything Babymetal related have been positive-to-enamored, and I’d reckon that she at the very least respects their work.

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