WACK Penetrates the Limit Once Again

Oh good lord, it is happening again. This year’s WACK AUDiTiON CAMP ended in a resounding success: new members for GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES and WAgg but in addition to that, we have an entire group of bondage-clad identityless idols who need YOUR help to be freed from their uh… bondage.

Say hello to ASP, ANAL SEX PENiS!

No, really.

Promo image for new anti style group ASP

Because this is a serious blog where we write very seriously, we can only assume that WACK are following suit and the group with “Anti Style” in their Twitter bio are definitely called ANAL SEX PENiS. But what does the P stand for? We don’t know! There’s an equally vulgar word to substitute, but management has placed a moratorium on foul language after the “penetration” headline.

Forreal though, ASP (their de facto name in the vein of “BiS” instead of typing out “Brand-new idol Society” every single time) seem pretty exciting. One of the goals of the ongoing WACKchin was to have a mixed gender idol group (shoutout to singular male contestant remaining Ayuno K!) so a working theory for ASP is maybe they’re men! Maybe they’re men and women! Maybe they’re non-binary, again we don’t know a thing. But you, our dear reader, can help solve this mystery by following each member on Twitter. Once they get to 20k followers, the leather masks come off and all will be revealed.

But just how did we get here? Let’s rewind from the sex trashbags waddling in front of the final stage and talk about WACK AUDiTiON CAMP 2021!

Well honestly, it was pretty mild compared to every other camp. Watanabe did get accused of creating drama for the eventual movie to which he responded with “Don’t you think that’s a little disrespectful to the girls here who’re working their hardest?” and then started ending everything he did with “for the movie”.
“Sorry for talking behind the camera, it’s for the movie.”
“Don’t be late for the marathon! …for the movie.”

Of course, there were tears this year. Miyukiangel from MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN cracked under pressure a little and Lingling comforted her through tears. Also Lingling bathed wearing a raincoat because she didn’t want people to see her naked, she’s a quirky gal. Chantmonkee from BiS also gave probably the most impassioned and emotional speech on the final stage which had the other girls weeping too, in a moment that was kind of debased by Nicovid comments saying “her uniform kind of looks like she’s wearing a backpack from this angle.” Coco, Yuyu and Tsukino also reunited to become a quasi GANG PARADE sub-unit for a few days who delivered an amazing performance of WACK is FXXK with Chantmonkee, which you can watch below.

There were some antics like forcing contestant Harunaspace to run with a 5kg bag of rice and the usual “eating something in the middle of a marathon”, but this year was largely… normal! The quality of the contestants was exceptionally high too, especially the finalists.
Moshimoshi-chan, from WACKchin, was promoted to GO TO THE BEDS! Their first and only member who wasn’t an OG GANG PARADE alumni. We’re excited for her since she admitted to having previous experience as a kpop idol in Korea! The Beds girls were also excited, because upon announcement Maika let out a scream that broke the sound barrier.

Cola, again from WACKchin, was promoted to PARADISES! Which means when Tsukino comes back from her WAgg rental trade the fantastic four will be the… superb six? Cola is also the alter ego of Amemiya Kanon – a previous member of Stardust Promotion group Hachimitsu Rocket. The more traditional side of idol kinda fits with PARADISES’ fun pop-rock, don’t you think? Of course, she’ll be changing her name in the future because nobody wants to get sued.


Finally we have Tertairiku Yuka, who will be joining WAgg! During the audition both her, Watanabe and the fans agreed that she has talent but didn’t leave too much of an impression. So, what better way to nurture talent and find your style than by joining the trainee group to do just that!

Long lost idols Yumeka Naukana and Nayu also showed up to say hello. Spoiler alert, they’re still loud.


After all that celebration (except for contestant Koyuki Demon, who had to run off stage as she didn’t get promoted), Watanabe announced the usual “oh, and one more thing” followed by four genderless entities wearing trash bags showing up. We do love a happy ending. But if you want more juicy tidbits about the full week, the WACK wiki has everything stacked. Big thank you to the contributers and to GO TO THE PARADISE fansite admin Renai and the GTTP community for translating a whole lot of what happened!

ASP will debut their faces once they hit 20k followers and they have songs coming in the near future. Maybe they’ll also reveal the mystery of what ASP stands for? Or it really is ANAL SEX PENiS and it’s a convoluted reference to the band Alien Sex Fiend. This is the company ran by a guy that loves punk music after all.