Updating the GANG PARADE Membership Update

So yesterday, it was goodbye to Maaya. Today, it’s hello to Maika:

Not gonna lie, she looks a little like their mom in that photo

Her name is actually written as キャン・マイカ, which somebody needs to explain to me please and thanks.

There’s already this interview with her up on Ototoy; other than photos, it’s not very accessible if you can’t Japanese, but maybe management figured they’d bolster things a bit by bringing in an old BiS Researcher to give Saki moral support or something (I am bad at understanding human motivation).

Oh and she already debuted today:

6 thoughts on “Updating the GANG PARADE Membership Update

  1. I was wondering if they’d lose another member and then just do Pla2me over again as a duo 😛
    This’ll be good. People were talking about Gang Parade kinda circling the drain on stage at @JAM, but it must have been tough doing 5-person song/dance numbers with only 3. I don’t dare reveal who my current favorite member is, because I’m convinced that will put them next in line for graduation 😐

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