Update from the Front Lines of Ska Idol

This is pretty awesome: In addition to the dope solo skadol project Like, Hate, Love, the … well, the Ska Idol Project has launched a sister group, Snowdrop.

This appears to be what they sound like:

There’s ska, then there’s ska-core, and then there’s … that

Their debut live will be on Jan. 22, which just so happens to be a date of significance.

And speaking of Like, Hate, Love (hint-hint), there’s an EP on the way, on that same date:

That’s all great, but this is starting to look like tons of fun live:

I want all of this to succeed, and then they can go do festival sets with Hauptharmonie and make me extremely happy.

5 thoughts on “Update from the Front Lines of Ska Idol

  1. That snowdrop song doesn’t sound ska-y at all. 🙁

    Oh well… I will take this opportunity to listen to Batten Shoujotai again! 🙂

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