Up Up Girls (2)’s Existence Continues To Baffle Me, Also New Album

You know how I can never figure out if Up Up Girls (2) are official members of Up Up Girls (Kari) or just a sister group? Well, I’m still trying to figure that one out in my head, as last time we saw them they appeared as members/back-up dancers in Kari’s music videos but now they’re releasing their debut single, without any involvement from the original Up Up Girls (Kari) whatsoever!

Its released August 15, and it’s a double A-side between “Sun!x3” and “No no Ashi Dancing”.

Additionally, whoever gets the most followers on Twitter will be the center of the second single. There was also something about if the members didn’t get 1,000 followers their accounts would be shut down, but now everyone has around double that amount last I checked, that’s not really such a big problem. Still, if you already have an Up Up Girls (2) favourite, go follow her, get your friends to follow her, make an account for your dog so they can follow her too:

Additionally, the original Up Up Girls are releasing their fourth album on the 29th of the same month! No Twitter popularity contests here, but it’ll be the last album for Minami and Ayano, so go on and show them a bit of love too.

If you’re aware of Up Up Girls’ previous albums, then you know exactly what this album is going to be called: FOURTH ALBUM (KARI). No creative album titles for this simple group! It includes all the singles that have come out since the release of THIRD ALBUM (KARI) and an untitled new song.

I wonder if the winners of that wrestling audition will release a better single than Six-Pack Twins?

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  1. I read somewhere that the girls from Apuga2 have to get 1,000 NEW Twitter followers between now (end of June) and August (I think), or their accounts will be shut down. Not sure that is 100% accurate, but I know I read it somewhere this morning.

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