Under Beasty Just Did Something That I’ve Never Seen Before

They un-graduated a member:

Nobody suspected a thing:

Here’s Akane’s on-stage MC upon her return:

For real, has anybody ever seen anything like this happen before? I’ve seen “so-and-so is back for this special milestone performance” (see), but she was gone. Completely gone! And now she’s back. That’s … yeah!

Have a great weekend, you bunch of beautiful miscreants!

6 thoughts on “Under Beasty Just Did Something That I’ve Never Seen Before

  1. There was a Shi-chan(?) in PPP!PiXiON, who was on hiatus for exams and returned after 5 months. She graduated later anyway.

  2. What! I totally read that she was graduating! Not a break, not hiatus, like getting-out-of-the-industry-level gone! That’s great that she is back though! Too bad she came too late to miss the one-man that I went to though.

  3. Re-subscription right graduation is new to me, too. Let’s hope this isn’t the start of a new trend in Idol. I don’t think my fragile heart could handle that.

    Always good to see a Unit at 100%, whatever the circumstances.

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