Under Beasty Gives a Great Example of How to Show off New Members

When Pure Idol Heart mentioned yesterday that the much-beloved-of-indie-fans Under Beasty was “reborn” (on the perfect weekend for it, natch), a whole mess of thoughts entered my head:

  • New concept?
  • New look?
  • Yua was going to step up to a full-sized fedora?

None of the above! Instead, what we got was something that I’m currently manipulating in order to get you to click the Read More!

Oh! It’s just a couple of new members! But damn, a couple of new members! There’s a Kamiya now, too; she’s instantly going be the butt of all jokes and the receiver of all cruelty, but she’ll nonetheless be entirely loyal because that’s how Kamiya’s roll, apparently.

My one hope: That the jazzy little jingle on that video isn’t an indication of where these hard rockers are going, because that would definitely fit with the “reborn” thing. Please no. Keep doing hard stuff.