Two Fresh Song Previews from BiS Make Me Feel Weird

Welcome back into the world that somehow has BiS in it again, amigos. I’m not in the least bit unhappy that one of the basest of inspirations for me putting this whole game together in the first place is back and living and stuff, though I have concerns! And those concerns are very important!

That being as it may, we know that there’s a second indie album from what I think is BiS 2.0.1 if I’m doing the version histories properly, and, presuming that they follow the same general pattern of releases as they did through BiS 1.3.2, this would be the loud and angry album that would, well, make BiS into BiS.

Oh hey look! Two new songs to preview for free on Soundcloud and download from OTOTOY!

This is “NOT the END.” I was a little put out that it’s apparently not a beatdown of a certain cybernetically throated center for a certain agency sister with a very similar name; it’s also a song that would benefit from having her on it.


Just kidding? If this were on BiS2, or even WHO KiLLED iDOL?, I’d probably have loved it. I just want to see new moves from you, BiS. Violent moves.

Let’s try the other track! It’s called “twisted grunge”! If that’s fair advertising, then I expect something along the lines of a drug-fueled Courtney Love solo project.


BiS. Let’s have a talk. You’re legends. You are! Well, Pour Lui is; you other guys are too new still. And Kika’s a legit talent and one of the weirdest people I’ve ever seen. Aya’s improving. Ubu’s … something? Go Zeela? Look, the point is, you’re BiS. At some point, you need to actually try to be BiS; you did a better job of that overall on your comeback record, but this is the one that I think people expected to have the “CHELSEA” and “BiSimulation” and “ASH” stuff on it.

Anyway, if you look at the track list for the new album, there’s not much else to show us! What we’ve heard to date is pretty much what we’re going to get, unless “gives” and “NAKODUB” and one of the things that I can’t read happens to be a chaotic retrospective of Gibby Haynes’s career.

01. gives
02. twisted grunge
03. ミステリアスホール
05. Never Starting Song
06. NOT the END
07. ぎぶみあちょこれいと
08. ロミオの心臓
09. 明日が来るなら

I was going to reblog this from John’s site, but then this preview happened, so settle for a link this time, bro

Come on, BiS. “Mature” is great and all, but where are you?

10 thoughts on “Two Fresh Song Previews from BiS Make Me Feel Weird

  1. Wot no nerve?

    I’m beginning to wish the auditions had been one final troll job. On one hand the nu-BiS stuff isn’t *bad* and isn’t it better to have something rather than nothing? On the other hand they’ve somewhat wee-weed on their “legend” status, though they can yet salvage it. Perhaps not have Matsukuma write *all* the songs (and that goes for BiSH as well). What are Schtein&Longer and Takeshi Ueda up to at the moment? I did like “Say Yes” though.

    And to me they’re BiS 4.0

  2. I’m hoping that “NAKODUB” will be the all-out nine-minute Fishmans rip-off track I didn’t know I wanted from BiS until right now.

    Also, Go Zeela’s lyrics are really saving a lot of these clunkers for me – if I were more rich and less afraid of pointy objects, I think I’d have already booked an appointment for a “hello, hello, my name is broken” tattoo by now.

    There’s still hope for the album, but I’m beginning to get the feeling that the SCRAMBLES folks are a bit overworked of late (Schtein&Longer has seemingly been given the boot too, which doesn’t help them much). I don’t think anybody would mind if they slowed down the release rate and focused on singles or EPs instead. (Also, dig that dirty synthesizer from “IDOL is DEAD” and “ASH” out of the damn closet, come on)

  3. I’ve got 2 thoughts about what’s going on with BiS and one about that smokey voiced sex bomb from a similarly named sister act.
    The first is that Pour Lui wants songs that are more radio friendly, likely to be picked for a commercial or anime/movie soundtrack. She wants that money and they have the back catalog for live shows, but being on the edge is only ever going to get you so far commercially.
    The second is that for all his talk of boredom Watanabe knows on which side his bread is buttered on and SCRAMBLES can only do so much. BiSH is the bread winner and the bread winner gets the big piece of chicken. Gang Parade, BiS and whatever comes out of the next audition are gonna have to settle for table scraps so long as BiSH is stacking that cheddar (I hope that was enough food references for you).
    As far as NOT the END benefiting from Aina’s vocals, aint that true of most songs? She is quickly moving up the list of my favorite vocalists.

    • I mean, you and gakkyokuha are pretty much right on, probably. Schtein&Longer seemingly being out of the songwriting now definitely sucks, and they *do* need Ueda (or somebody) to come back in with the kind of song that once upon a time took people’s breath away. I was half-arguing with Mister Mister once about SCRAMBLES and how you can hear their stuff from a mile away — like, at some point, you have to change your moves a little bit.

      Anyway, there’s still the obligatory MV for something that we haven’t heard yet, and like we said about a week ago, BiSH hid their rockiest KiLLER BiSH material from the view of the Gentiles, so maybe the fanservice will come for those who buy?

      Regardless, New BiS is going to have a tough time of it if they can’t pull a “Hontou Honki” or something out of their hat.

  4. I have never been huge on BiS(or BiSH) so i am glad to see that my feeling that they have been increasingly boring musically isn’t some delusion and somewhat reflected in other peoples reactions.

    • This isn’t a direct response to you, but to the sentiment in there, because I saw a weird Twitter conversation a few months ago that criticized BiSH for turning to “shitty pop-punk,” and yeah, there’s some of that on their latest, but there’s a lot of not-that on that album, too, and I love the crap out of the not-that. I guess it comes down to personal biases?

      • It is definitely personal biases, i for example didn’t like that album AT ALL(and it has nothing to do with pop-punk).

        Even in its heavier and more abrasive moments i think it just wasn’t GOOD heavy or abrasive(also the terrible production takes a lot of abrasiveness and heaviness out of the songs…).
        Even when it was “not-that” i was “not-that” impressed.

        But despite the opinion of me, and whoever was in the twitter conversation you saw, it still got voted as album of the year on here somehow so some people must like it a lot.

  5. Hm. Album doubts aside, I watched Idol is Dead 2 last night. On the one hand, every movie should have Yuffy in it, and any movie that doesn’t have Yuffy frankly sucks, but I couldn’t help thinking the current lineup of BiS girls would be so perfect for a goofy movie project like that.
    Or just edit together all of KFF’s twit-vids and release it in theatres.

  6. Poor BiS, always getting compared to BiSH and the ghosts of Brand-new idol past. I do admit though I really want a “Paprika 2” and when I saw the words “twisted grunge” the other day I was hype as hell on expecting, well, grunge. Something like SCANDAL’s “Heaven na Kibun”. Something Nirvana-ish with Lui-chan vocals please! I mean the songs are not even bad; the sound quality is there. I guess it’s just not meeting people’s expectations.「ぎぶみあちょこれいと」is really the standout from this album (so far). Shout out to Peritan!

    • Nail, head. It’s not *bad* music, just not the BiS we want to be feeling. I really hope they don’t inadvertently burn up the goodwill of the return while trying to prove that they can sell well enough for a major deal (Avex). Still holding out hope for some extra pain on the tracks we haven’t heard yet!

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