Tumult and Sadness with Poroporo Baroque

It seems that the original Adopt-An-Idol, despite having had some growth opportunities and performance adventures lately, is having a little bit of a situation. Our friend @cobranaconda shared that Miyabi had elected to leave the group:

I attend a clothiers vocational school, and dealing with both school and being an idol at the same time was harsher than I’d imagined, and as it’d be damaging for my physical health to continue as I have been, it’s been decided that I’ll leave Poroporo Baroque.
To those who supported me, I apologise. Even though it was such a short time, thank you very much. Though brief, to me it’s become an experience of a lifetime.

All translations courtesy of @cobranaconda.

Ordinarily, ho-hum, an idol has quit and says nice things about the group and members and fans, lather-rinse-repeat. But this actually spawned some pretty emotion-laden responses from her former mates:


So, Miyabi’s withdrawal from Poroporo Baroque was announced.

The recent lesson day. For some reason Miyabi didn’t appear at the meeting point. From there, Daichi (President) told us that she was giving up on PoroBaro. At first I was surprised thinking, “Eh, this is a dream, right?” I hoped and hoped that it was a dream, but it was reality. Honestly, my first thoughts were “Huh? So your feelings towards Poroporo Baroque were that weak…” and I got pissed off with Miyabi.

But. Honestly my feelings of sadness were bigger than my anger. I thought if I’d listened to her more maybe things would have been different. If I’d have done that maybe Miyabi would have always continued to be in Poroporo Baroque. We met in March and did our best together but I’m a very stoic person so I got pissed off at her a lot and probably hurt her. I’m sorry.

In the roughly six months I’ve known her I’ve found a lot of Miyabi’s good points. There’s no mistake that when Miyabi stands on stage she’s the one who shines the most. Really. Even though Miyabi was always saying she respected me, honestly I respect her as well. That’s why when Miyabi’s fans started increasing, I was really happy as well. Even after I learned of Miyabi’s withdrawal I did by best to keep smiling on stage. But actually I cried every night. I never got to sleep. Even typing this I can’t stop my tears. At least I got to feel how big an existence Miyabi is.

I keep thinking I should send Miyabi a message on LINE, tell her strongly not to quit, but then I wonder if it’d be bothersome and so I don’t message her. But I really loved Miyabi. Thank you for joining Porobaro! I’m really grateful! I’ll always always love you!

But, I think Miyabi will definitely regret quitting Porobaro. I’ll make sure Porobaro becomes big and famous enough she feels that. Definitely. Even though it may be harsh and painful and I may have lots of worries and send many pained tweets… I will definitely not give up on Porobaro. I will drag us up to the top. So please, continue to follow us. Please keep following Poroporo Baroque from now on.

Mirumo (in Kansai dialect):

I’m sorry that such unfortunate news has been released at this time. I apologise for making you sad. When I first heard Miyabi was quittin’ I thought “Yer lyin’!” and right there in the middle of the city freaked out. When they said she weren’t comin’ no more I was like “Why ain’t you withdrawin’ at a show? You runnin’ away? Why didn’t you talk to us instead of going straight to the President?” is what I thought but they weren’t my true feelings but just my heart couldn’t keep up with everything so I ended up thinkin’ stuff like that.

More than being sad or thinkin’ of her as a burden, I reckon that there’s nothin’ to do but think positively and spring forward from this. But after the three of us did the regular show at Akichika and were walkin’ along the road home, it struck me that, this ain’t a break, she really ain’t gonna be there no more, our last show together was August 27th, and I couldn’t stop cryin’. I’m sure the people around me were thinkin’ I was some poor heartbroken fucker. Even though the four of us were good, well, we were told that we sucked but it was good. But it wasn’t that any four people were good, it’s because the four of us with Miyabi there were good. It would’ve been better if I’d listened to her more.

Then, something may have changed… If only we’d created an environment like that… I have lots of regrets. Miyabi-chan was kind and a little bit of an oddity but in a roundabout way she protected me and I really really really love her so I definitely want her to graduate school, get a good job in hand and indomitably do her best.

If there’s a start, there’s always got to be a goal. It’s always gonna end ‘coz there’s no such thing as eternity. That’s why I don’t want to have regrets. Poroporo Baroque is definitely gonna get so big we’re gonna look back and think “We’re so glad we didn’t quit.”

“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.”
John F. Kennedy

Whether this turns into a plus or a minus is down to us ourselves. As for me, I’m only looking forward. This ain’t gonna end with just words so please keep following us.

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