Tsurezure Released Two Previews Today, Thank Goodness

Why a Sunday?! But while your friendly neighborhood slept and then woke up to deal with another issue, Yukueshirezutsurezure was pre-releasing one track from the upcoming Post-Catastrophe and one that you’ll only be able to get if you buy at Tower Records.

Of course, they’re time-limited. Of course, we have our own ways around these problems. And when Maniac sleeps, it’s intrepid friends who make the save.

(Sorry, Terry, I try to keep the attributions on these a little bit opaque just in case management ever figures out what we’re doing with them.)

First up:

You can’t access the file anymore because see above, but you can access it here!

Different, but Tsurezure’s always been good at keeping things diverse. I mean, you could arguably hear this on Top 40 radio. Nary a Shidare scream to be heard, but some light rapping!

The second is actually an unreleased track that I think this says is from their demo (which, I’m not sure how that works when your company owns the whole apparatus, but okay). It hasn’t been released to date, and it (presumably) won’t be released in the future EXCEPT as a CD-R you can pick up at Tower when you stop by on Wednesday to buy Post-Catastrophe itself!

Give it a listen! It’s a little more in their normal comfort zone, but still dreamy and powerful and remarkably easy on the ears for something that involves harsh vocals. I really like it.

2 thoughts on “Tsurezure Released Two Previews Today, Thank Goodness

  1. Nice. I was hoping the album wouldn’t be *all* growls and anguish and we would have a Shinjuku Cinema Connection moment. And there we have it.

    I hope the rest of those CD-R tracks turn up somewhere eventually.

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