Tsuji Airi Is Leaving DISDOL

I never know how many of you guys dig on DISDOL, but they’re among my personal guilty pleasures, and I’ve always enjoyed the big heavy sounds in their music and the fact that they have like 73 members* and the slightly badass way they present themselves.

A few months back, their old leader, Takahashi Natsumi, who graduated to focus on her gravure and solo musical careers, putting … Tsuji Airi in charge. But now:

You don’t have to read it; it’s sad

It’s the old “health issues” routine, which can at any point be true and also cover for something else (like wanting to quit but needing to save face). It’s legit enough that they aren’t going to hold a graduation concert for her, but will have a fan event at a later date.

The things you learn from looking at press releases: Airi’s been doing this stuff for eight years! And also had a solo project once upon a time!

But now she’s retiring, and good luck to her.

Taking over as leader? Isshiki Kyouko:

That’s two leaders down in the relative blink of an eye, even for idol, so I hope that DISDOL has plans for how to move forward.

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*Not really!

3 thoughts on “Tsuji Airi Is Leaving DISDOL

  1. To be fair, from what I remember she’s pretty old for an idol, definitely past 25 though I don’t think she’s 30 yet. She might just have been finding it too tiring, performance in general (and particularly anything where you have to dance) is a young woman’s game.

    • That certainly puts the “eight years” thing into more perspective. Granted, it means that she could have started at 11 and is 19 now, but she does look a little older than most.

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