Treat Yourself to This QUEENS Song

At first thought, when I saw this in my list of good Weekender things, I had no more intention of doing anything else with this QUEENS MV than to do exactly that, feel good about my choices, and move on with my life. But then I recalled the last time I had occasion to celebrate QUEENS in such a way, which in retrospect felt like I was giving them short shrift for no good reason, so I opted to listen to the whole thing:

And friend, I am both very super into this song, but it also made me wonder — is QUEENS pretty much the best thing right now, or what?

Has QUEENS officially (and stealthily, I like it) risen to take the crown of Best Or At Least Most Consistently Good Idol Rock Group from the desiccated corpse left behind by Q’ulle’s disbandment? I’d love to get into that, but for starters it’s a pretty small pool of candidates to try to debate about, and beyond that it’s kind of a silly argument to have, given that if you were to do one of those things with like a copper U.S. penny for every X atrocity that happens and stacked them up it would reach the moon, that kind of thing, the hilariously oversized example would be all of loudol, and then all of the pennies that were issued prior to like 2010 (which is to say, almost all of them) are idorock, and then the ones that are wheat pennies (KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT???) are the more proper “Idol Rock” and you toss the ones from like the 1940s because they are the alt-rock idols and suddenly you have like 1% of the entire original stack and like four of them are actually any good (recall this similar comparison the other day which for the purposes of this exercise you have to pretend does not pertain to one of those 1940s pennies alt-rock idols). This incredibly convoluted paragraph thus proves its own premise, which is that QUEENS is good and might be the best at what they’re doing right now, at this moment, and we need to protect them.

Anyway! This track is actually off of their upcoming EP release:

So stay tuned!