KAQRIYOTERROR gets colorfully in-your-face with B.W.G.

Amidst the pandemic, some idols companies have thrived to make the best of it. Video-making-company-turned-music-label Codomomental has not only been doing regular streamed liveshows (mostly for their idol groups), they have also done some recording and announced music releases.

The time has finally come to release B.W.G. into the world. Initially, the recording was supposed to be released as gift to fans who reserved their tickets for the oneman show Bipropaganda. It’s now the A-side of their newest offering available to all.

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This Is Idol at Its Most Punk

Ah, Kimi to Boku no Kakumei … I’m trying to think if I’ve ever blogged a single post or spared more than a loose thought in their direction. I mean this not as shade, of course, just as a simple acknowledgement. Their first public forays didn’t exactly grab me, you know? I can dig on happy-ass tradol all day long when the mood strikes (and let the record show that I was listening to old Sakura Gakuin albums just this past week), but it’s far less interesting to me than rock ’em sock ’em full-on grindol brutality. I mean, that’s kind of the point of the whole website.

But anyway! Nice group, but not really exciting to me. I probably would have skipped right over their latest MV, but a quick Twitter cruise yesterday showed them popping up from IdolOnChaos, and the combination was fun to me so I went for it, and brother was I about to rewarded:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #191

Good morning! I hope that wherever you are, weather conditions are on the whole tolerable — we here in the National Capital Area are going to be absolutely heat-pummeled over the next few days, though today at least will be tolerable enough to get in a run or something. Otherwise, you know what this is, right? The perfect conditions for an idol binge! As such, this particular Weekender is especially loaded with long live streams and whatnot. Take your time.

I started seeing a therapist during this second most recent run of overwhelming stress. I’m American, which means that I need health insurance to live; I am fortunately one of those Americans who has good health insurance, which means getting to pick a provider and even switch if we don’t work out. Fortunately, the person I chose has been spot-on. We had one of our regular meetings yesterday and were talking about my inability to associate positive actions with positive outcomes (basically, I might do something really well, but if any part of the process of getting there didn’t go perfectly, I obsess over that instead of being like, oh look, good things happened). She said, have you ever really let yourself be rewarded for those kinds of things though? And the answer was, actually, no. And what an insight that was. And then she told me to buy myself something nice or fun every time I meet a goal, even if it’s “put on button-down shirt” or “didn’t back over mailbox on the way to the store.” I need to have pleasurable outcomes from good actions.

So while it’s scorching out this next week or so, I’m going to watch every idol DVD I have. I’m going to revisit that time I met NECRONOMIDOL and gave Sari her tiara. I’m also going to smoke ribs and eat them. These are all good things. And you should do the same for yourself. Go tell someone something nice about them, then buy yourself ice cream. Be cool and good.

You Okay Bro?

Malcolm Mask McLaren have new outfits and a new song.

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New Move from Melon Batake a go go: YMMV

This post was supposed to happen on Saturday but Maniac forgot to finish the intro and then suddenly it was Wednesday!

I like that there’s just plain a lot more idol content in the past few weeks than there had been since, lort, February? Highs and lows here and there aside, idol’s mostly been on a slow burn since COVID and all of that. Or, for idol that is; other industries are like, oh you guys just kind of adjusted and moved on? But yes, more new stuff, and including new new stuff from old friends that first excites and then contents. Ah, you say, that hit the spot.

And so it was when one of Western fandom’s ubiquitous favorites, Melon Batake a go go, dropped a neat new number with a new MV (edit: the other day). It was good just to know that it existed, you know? And as I let it play, I had a few different thoughts — It’s been a long time! I don’t recognize like half of these members! — and I realized that for as much as I wanted to have something cogent and/or decent to write about the piece, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

I gave it some replays, typed out various responses, and then thought: A-ha! Let’s get extra input from Team! And that was helpful. Continue reading


50 YMM MVs Day 52: Candy

Welcome to part 52 of our increasingly inaccurately named “50 YMM MVs” series, but unless they drop a fifty-third one in the next twenty-four hours – a not completely remote possibility – then we have at last reached the finale.

I don’t know whether we won anybody over to the You’ll Melt More! fandom or whether anyone managed to stick with our coverage until the end but we had fun revisiting all their music videos anyway.  We finish with their latest one, from about three weeks ago – Mou Innai Ringo Ame (No More Thanks Candied Apple):

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50 YMM MVs Day 51: Relax

Yes, it was inevitable that if we did a feature on all the music videos of a group well known for being prolific producers of music videos, then there was a high chance of more music videos being released in the middle of our coverage.  So now we enter extra time in our You’ll Melt More! chronicles with the MV for Yuru-bics!

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50 YMM MVs Day 50: Quarantune

Here’s a little back-story on the 50 YMM! MVs project:  We actually started coordinating this quite a few months ago ! We had begun writing the earlier MV articles well-before MV #50 had dropped . So at one point, we were watching YMM!’s social media daily waiting for the 50th MV to finally show up so we could begin publishing. We waited…. and waited….

You know what held us up? Yep, Covid-19.

The virus has indeed changed everything in our routine. Some things are rather mundane and inconvenient, and some have been very heavy on our personal lives. The idol industry isn’t on a par with caregivers, but it most certainly touches our spirits and often means a lot to us, so to see it affected by all this was surreal and often disconcerting. In the case of YOU’LL MELT MORE!, Younapi‘s graduation plans were altered and the possibility of concerts were dashed. And with our quarantine needs interrupting the ability to shoot a bonfire MV, YMM!, and many other idols came up with a new way of reaching out to socially distanced fans: A Quarantune, if you will...

“Thank You For Fighting” is not a traditional MV, and not the usual type of song you’d expect from our girls, but it’s wonderfully thoughtful and kind-hearted. Across the group’s fanbase, the moving images of supportive clapping hands were compiled as the members of the group sang a humble tribute to the most important people in the world right now, the caregivers fighting to keep those we love alive and safe.

The song isn’t slick or flashy, and if it were, it would risk feeling empty and self-serving. What we have here is a side of the group we haven’t seen before, but it’s reassuring and brings just a little sense to our lives. And as the MV makes makes very clear, it’s intended to be a thank you to all caregivers around the world, not just Japan. It feels real and we can all really use a little sincere goodwill.

In addition to the above video, which debuted on May 22, there was also this nifty shot-from-home video (A song Written by Hiro of POLYSICS once again!!!) that was released on May 8th. The song appears on the excellent “Surpriser” album, but for whatever reason, this video was not designated as an official “MV” on YMM’s Youtube channels…

So which one is technically the 50th MV? I’m going with the “Why not both” response!

All of this Covid anxiety is an especially difficult challenge for YOU’LL MELT MORE! at this moment. Here they are, trying to adapt to a new line-up and acclimate their two new members, and this major real-world event isn’t helping. We’re not out of this yet, but the group has continued working hard.

And guess what? Since they won’t quit, neither are we! That’s right, we’re not just stopping this project at 50 MVs. They’ve created videos since, and we’re going to keep going and cover those as well! It’s onward and upward, friends…


50 YMM MVs Day 49: Newbies

Sadly after over three years with a stable line-up, Ano suddenly withdrew unexpectedly from You’ll Melt More! in late September 2019.  We were left to wonder what the future held for the group after the loss of such a popular member.  Then on New Year’s Eve, we got…this thing:

The hell was that?!  Anyway we’ve decided not to count it in our list, not because it’s, er, special, but because the group’s Youtube account filed it under their commercials/announcements playlist and not their MV one.  Instead YMM MV #49 is Surpriser, from February of this year.

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50 YMM MVs Day 48: Unexpected

We’re almost at the end of our journey, so what better way to celebrate than by being launched into space to dance with You’ll Melt More?

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Perfect Vibes from the Latest EMPiRE

“Oh gee look at all of these draft posts to try to address this morning” I said to myself as I flipped over to Twitter about 15 seconds after this hit the top of the timeline:

Plans? Canceled. Other than a very quick crash course from Kerrie and Cal, I’d managed to avoid just about everything WACK in the past few weeks — by choice, mind you — but this aesthetic, coming from EMPiRE, clearly an MV, subtler reasons galore, you follow me yes of course I shunted my other plans aside and gleefully steepled my fingers in anticipation.

This is from EMPiRE’s upcoming new EP SUPER COOL EP (bless them), and it might not be my favorite song or video by any means, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t hit in exactly the right spot at the right time: Continue reading