Reader’s Best: Russell E’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

It’s time for another edition of Reader’s Best! Today, we are celebrating being almost half-way through submissions with a top ten by Homicidol’s Discord server denizen Russell Emerine. While Russell’s submission is chock full of SS tier tunes, I must say that it was very short on capitalization. In fact, their selection narrative did not include a single upper case character. All of the capital letters in the following post were provided courtesy of D so, Russell, you owe me a bunch of majuscules.

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Reader’s Best: Hello_Moto & smsmsmsmssm’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Thank you for taking a break from planning that long-delayed trip to Japan to join us for our latest installment of Reader’s Best. Today we are giving you a very diverse, 19-song compilation consisting of the Top Ten picks from two readers, smsmsmsmssm and Hello_Moto. If you just thought, “wait D, two times ten equals 20”, congratulations on finding an opportunity to apply third grade math to real life. Also, yes, I was just getting to that part. Continue reading

Reader’s Best: Kanra’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Welcome to the next installment of Readers Best. I should really be keeping count of how many we’ve posted so far but, you know, it doesn’t really matter ’cause after listenign to Kanra’s top ten, I just want to languish here. If your week is off to a bad start, you’ve come to the right place. Kanra is about to spin you ten tracks of shoegaze, dreampop and idol ballads to calm your brain right down. Let’s chill:  Continue reading

Reader’s Best: D4rkWzd and ckiemnstr345’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All time

Welcome to a new edition of Readers Best! This time we’ve paired up two very different chika idol connoisseurs with two very different lists. First we have D4rkWzd who gives us ten diverse tracks by ten different units, one of whom is so rarefied I’m just now hearing about them for the very first time. Then we have ckiemnstr345 who also gives us a nice mix of songs by PassCode and Niji no Conquistador. That’s right, a Top Ten list consisting of nothing but tracks by PassCode and Niji no Conquistador.

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Reader’s Best: Karli’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All time

Welcome to another edition of Reader’s Best. This time, we’re turning over the blog to Karli who will tell us what good music sounds like in ten short tunes. The best part of this whole exercise of collecting reader’s favorite songs has been that, with each list we publish, I am discovering  at least one great new track to add to my playlist. Karli’s picks are a perfect case in point: the majority of these songs weren’t released as singles or featured in MVs. They are mostly b-sides or deep cuts off of full albums, a couple of which I had never even heard before. Good stuff. Let’s go!! Continue reading

Reader’s Best: Marc and Void’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All time

Welcome to the third installment of our Reader’s Best series. The response to our request for submissions of Top Ten song lists has been incredible and we want to send out big THANK YOU!! to everyone who has sent in a response. Because we want to make sure we get to everyone’s list, we will be closing down submissions later today so get any last minute entries in immediately. At this point it may take us three months to post everybody’s picks, but these are good problems to have! Since this went so well, we will definitely do more reader submission projects in the future. We’re leaning towards favorite MVs next time, but we shall see.

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Homicidols Best: Papermaiden’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Here is my idol song top 10. I wish I had something witty to say to introduce my list, but I’ll bare my heart in each song’s description instead. I’d just like to say that with the exception of my top pick (somehow!), I have all these songs taking up precious space on my phone because I know I’ll never get sick of any of them. If I could get them into my body for easier listening, I would. That’s how committed I am to each item of this list.

Let’s get to it!

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Reader’s Best: Melly’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All time

Welcome to our second installment of Reader’s Best! If you haven’t already, please check out Luna’s Top Ten in our inaugural post. Today we are featuring Melly’s picks, not just because they have fantastic taste, but also because they were the second person to complete the survey. We try to keep it simple around here. Let’s go, Melly!

Melly’s 10 Favorite Idol Songs


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Reader’s Best: Luna’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All time

Welcome to the first in our series of Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs as identified by you, the readers of Homicidols. If you haven’t summitted your list yet, it’s not too late. Just complete this Google form and let us know your thoughts. We will be publishing a few each week until we run out.

First up we have Luna, also know as LunaGeek on Twitter and Discord where he is known for his enthusiasm for WWI experimental helmets and multiple YouTube channels.  He’s an intriguing guy with a diversity of interests, so let’s see how that extends to his picks for favorite idol songs. Take it away Luna: Continue reading

Homicidols Best: Cal’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Hey there, Cal here. I’m Homicidols’ pin-up mascot, treasurer and I also lie for fun sometimes. I don’t normally write in first person so forgive me if I seem like a fish out of water. If you read the first entry in our personal top 10’s series, you’ll see Dae mention that I had this idea thinking it’ll be fun and it ended up being a little gruelling. He was 100% correct, I like too many songs to pick just 10! It’s like drawing blood from a stone, a really sexy stone with immaculate music taste.

When it comes to things like this, I prefer to separate things into different categories such as “music that has a personal meaning for me” or “music to touch the stove to” or “music that makes me want to run screaming into traffic.” I listen to a lot of idol songs, like a lotttttt, so in the end, I just ended up picking the best of the best from various criterias. So this list kind of ended up being a mix of the sentimental to the slappers. Please enjoy it. 

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