Homicidols Top Ten Songs Series: Epilogue Edition

So, Team was discussing what we should do for our next community participation project when we realized that we never did finish our post mortem on the last one. As a reminder, this past autumn, we asked Homicidols readers to send us a list of their ten favorite idol songs. Team played along too and submitted some of their own top tens. For a quick refresher, everyone’s entries can be browsed here:

Homicidols Top Ten Lists: Team & Readers’ Favorite Songs of All Time

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Reader’s Best – The Final Chapter: Dave & Roy’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

We did it! We have reached the last stop on our journey through the readers of Homicidols picks for the best idol songs in all of recorded history.   Thank you again to everyone who participated. Since I love data (my favorite computer game is MS Excel), I have commingled everyone’s submissions into a single, monstrous data set and subjected it to proper statistical analysis. I will present the results of that post mortem later.

Before then, please enjoy our final Top Ten lists as curated by Dave and Roy.  Not only have they collaboratively compiled 20 legendary tracks for us to go out on, but they somehow conspired to put the cap on all of our communal efforts with a double-shot of Pour Lui in the final #1 spot. Continue reading

Reader’s Best: Apfelcracker, Eric and FKP’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Welcome to November, and the home stretch of the Reader’s Best series featuring our first triple-shot of top ten lists. That means that this installment features 30 tracks of idol fire curated by Apfelracker, Eric Sutherland and FKP. There are a lot of affinities between this trio (and a lot of Oyasumi Hologram) and their picks run the gamut, from the early years of vintage alt-idol right up to songs released this calendar year. They also include the first two tunes by SIPP to grace our exercise in idol excellence, so you know they are after my heart.

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Reader’s Best: Richard’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Welcome to the 20th entry in our Reader’s Best series. We’re in the home stretch now. Thank you again to everyone who participated. Way back in the beginning I mentioned how the submissions ran the gamut, from entries with descriptions as simple as, “This tune slays!” up to songs lists accompanied by essays complete with footnotes. While most of our song lists have leaned towards the former, we’ve now come to the submission that most closely aligns with the latter gross exaggeration.

Today’s chapter is from Richard (aka Richimetal over on the Homicidols’ Discord server) and it is close to being a novella. This is not a complaint. Anyone who can crank out 2,300 words about their favorite idol songs is definitely going to endear themselves to the Homicidols heart. If they’re not careful, they may find themselves writing idol blogs posts on a regular basis, and therein lies the path to madness (or, at least, to the complete loss of all free time).  Continue reading

Reader’s Best – RED:DOT’s SUKU & Carrythezero’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

We keep the Reader’s Best series rolling with two lists curated by Carrythezero and Pepjin (RED:DOT’s SUKU) Klaassen. These two share an affinity for both classic alt-idol songs and tracks by some of the best new units around. These may be the first lists to include multiple tracks that might see a nomination in the upcoming Best of the Year polls, so pay close attention!

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Reader’s Best: Ash’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

We’ve had a lot of big news dropping lately and the potential blog posts are backing up around here. Still, I don’t want anything to get in the way of the next entry in our Readers Best series if, for no other reason, than we want to make sure we get through everybody’s submissions before Christmas.

Speaking of presents: today’s top ten list is curated by Ash and it is another deep dive into rare tracks, B-sides and album cuts. It also features the debut appearance of a couple of these artists in our Readers Best exercise. I’m pretty sure you’ll make at least one new discovery from this collection so, let’s go!! Continue reading

Reader’s Best: Suben’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

It’s a Friday edition of Readers Best, this time courtesy of Suben (aka SubenW over on the Homicidols Discord server). Over the course of this series, our readers have proven to be fans of rarefied artists and aficionados of deep album cuts. Each carefully curated list has included at least one surprise or unearthed a new, unheard of gem. Suben continues this trend, but also decided to set a couple records along the way.

Suben’s top ten not only skews more traditional than any other list featured so far, but also contains the first song we’ve seen from the past century. Actually, the track in question’s release date (1984) is probably before most of our readers were even born, so this list isn’t just good music, it’s a time capsule! Let’s go!!

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Reader’s Best: Canaan & antineodeconstructedpostcorewave’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Todays entry in our Reader’s Best series is a good one, courtesy of Canaan and  antineodeconstructedpostcorewave (known as C.anaan and pedro respectively on The Homicidols Discord server). Not only do their twenty, collective selections feature some deep cuts off of some underrated albums, but they also introduce a couple of new artists to the Readers Best series for the first time.  Some of these picks were so far off the beaten path it took me more than twice as long as usual to put this edition together due to the extra time it took to track down all of these songs.

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Reader’s Best: 2187Coconut Greg’s Top Ten Favorite (mostly) Idol Songs of All Time

While you were all playing Janken Pon! with idols, we passed the halfway point in our Readers Best series. Today we feature 2187Coconut Greg’s top ten list. While everyone’s picks have proven to be unique so far, today’s goes a bit farther afield than usual. It’s my own damn fault for insisting that there were no wrong answers to this exercise which resulted in this collection of songs from, not just idols, but idol-adjacent acts, friends of idols, and the solo project of the original lead singer for Aldious.  Continue reading

Reader’s Best: Russell E’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

It’s time for another edition of Reader’s Best! Today, we are celebrating being almost half-way through submissions with a top ten by Homicidol’s Discord server denizen Russell Emerine. While Russell’s submission is chock full of SS tier tunes, I must say that it was very short on capitalization. In fact, their selection narrative did not include a single upper case character. All of the capital letters in the following post were provided courtesy of D so, Russell, you owe me a bunch of majuscules.

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