The Homicidols April Fools Day Round-Up 2024

Idol April Fools Day (aka Fox Day) is one of the biggest holidays on the idol calendar, up there with Idol Halloween and Idol X-Mas.  The amount of time, energy, and commitment that idols devote to their April Fools day pranks each year is always impressive. However, it can be difficult at times to tell an April Fools Day stunt from normal, everyday, Japanese idol insanity. For example, it may seem that, at first glance, this is a well executed comedic sketch by yosugala, except that salted fish roe sac, cherry blossom, and shrimp pizza is an actual real thing that people will apparently pay money for. Luckily, Homicidols is here to guide the unwary or overwhelmed idol fan through the events of April first and help sort fact from jesterly fiction.

Here are some of the best April Fools Day pranks that our favorite idols pulled off this year: 

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Your Homicidols April Fools Day 2023 Wrap Up

Idol April Fools Day is the biggest holiday of the idol year with the exception of Idol X-Mas and, of course, Idol Halloween. Groups were especially active this year, with the big trend being for the more traditional idols to reboot as metal and for our hardcore units to go trad. The best thing this year was everyone’s overall commitment to the jokes, so we had new music and MVs dropping all day long on April 1. 

Here’s some of the best Idol April Fools Day shenanigans we could find:

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