Late to the Party: Brand-new Idle Society Tour

I had heard months ago via TGU that all of the ex-BiS groups (and Tenten!) were getting together for a show in December, and TGU had speculated that Saki would return to POP on that date because, like, there wouldn’t be much of a point of including POP without her (well, the WACK connection, but still), and then the show never happened and Pure Idol Heart made it sound like it was sort of spur-of-the-moment. Continue reading

POP’s Second Single Is Coming …

… in two months!

I’ll never get used to these Japanese release schedules. “Are you not excited about us? Well, guess what — we’re going to build on that excitement several months from now! Continue reading

Kamiya Saki’s Run to POP, Streaming Live UPDATED

As mentioned before and before and before, ex-BiS and ex-Pla2me and formerly current but probably soon to be re-current POP leader Kamiya Saki was ordered to run a 100K in 24 hours to keep her place in the group, supposedly to culminate in her arrival at the venue for their big show tomorrow just in time to rejoin her compatriots and usher in a new era of madness.

POP doesn’t fit into easy categories of what could or maybe should be considered homicidol, but this is honestly metal as hell. Ganbatte, Saki!

Update: Saki finished successfully! About two hours before the deadline, she arrived at the venue, tired but happy. Her POP mates greeted her. There were many tears. H/T Pure Idol Heart.

POP members congratulate Saki for her successful completion of her 100km super marathon to stay in the group

Is POP Fucking with Us?

Currently, I’ve been at least temporarily proven wrong on this, but I reserve the right to yet be proven correct! But for real, if POP has gone denpacore, that’s also okey dokey.

I discussed in POP’s profile that their whole business with Saki was obviously a worked shoot from the beginning, and that point was driven home over time with the 100k thing and then photos and official Twitter … and today, Nov. 24, 2015, when this fun little video dropped:

The puppets!

Under ordinary circumstances, given what this site is all about, I wouldn’t include this video, and I’d start to look at POP with some serious side-eye, but:

I have a weird feeling that this is similar to BiS’s “Idol” video moment.

For the uninitiated, BiS was sort of a rising tide at the time that they were between the ashes of BiS 1.0 and the rise of BiS 2.0, and between the Brand-new Idol Society and IDOL iS DEAD albums. They were a trio, just Pour Lui and Non-chan and Yuffy, and there was a single coming! Yay a new single! And they released the video and …

This is how you troll people, people. BiS wasn’t going idol; they literally just wanted their fans to feel betrayed and enraged, and they wanted to create the kind of stir that they excelled at making. Sure enough, within days (if the Internet is to be believed), they’d deleted that sweet little ditty up above and replaced it with:

Much better

And “Idol” went on to be one of their most affirmative and defining songs. Because it’s great. (That video still scares the crap out of me.)

Is that what I think that POP is doing now? I don’t want to show my ass too much, nor commit, but I wouldn’t be surpised. “Oh, we just decided to go in a seriously denpa direction from now on.” I mean, seriously. As a denpa fan, I do like the song, though I think it’s a little derivative and way off base for what Pla2me/POP have done before. Since when has Saki in particular sung like that? And the outfits? And puppets? Try to be a little less on the nose, guys.

Given how easily a lot of fans were led around by the nose by WACK so far, this fits right into that playbook. The Pour Lui/Watanabe combo was always good for … not quite disdain for fans, but for making the fans kind of the butt of the joke, an additional meta-criticism of idol culture and the wotas who fuel it.

So it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising to see this video last right up until POP’s new single drops on Dec. 8, then disappear into the ether, and for that single to be like “Pretty Pretty Good” on amphetamines (in a good way).

Keep on doing you, POP.