50 Greatest Alt-Idol MVs of All Time: #41 – 50

The Homicidols community has been busy for the past couple of months. We first asked our readers to tell us their five favorite alt, indie and/or underground idol MV’s. We then compiled those entries into a massive list of 127 music videos and again asked our readers to rate each and every one on a scientific and rigorously valid Likert scale. 

The results have now been compiled into this incontrovertible and statistically valid list of the 50 GREATEST IDOL MVs of ALL TIME (per the collective opinion of the Homicidols community).

We will present ten each week for the next (*counts on fingers*) five weeks with commentary from Team Homicidols and our readers on why they nominated the MV for consideration.

Let’s go!!

50. Screaming 60s, “Cockroach”

Daemon: This Screaming 60s + THE HEANA CAT collab perfectly encapsulates a day in the life of a chika idol wota. 

Stephe Sp☆rkles: Great song! Great mood. And I love the ending! I wish that was how I finished every work day.


Cal: This being an example of WACK using the leitmotif from “primal” by BiS and it being done well! The combination of that quintessential Kentacore sound combined with the GP members going through various trials and tribulations while supporting one another just simply tugs at my heartstrings. Also when this music video dropped I was going for an STD test but stopped to watch it in the park and ended up being late because I liked it so much I had to watch it twice. Good news, the doctor was also late AND I didn’t have any STDs.

48. BiSH, “Orchestra”

S. Stapleton: Emotional story telling that hits you every time you watch it.

Courtneyyyyy: This video is the most accurate representation of my childhood fashioned by people who know nothing about my childhood. This video hurts in the injustice of its narrative, the need for closeness, the lack of understanding when something, someone is taken away from you. This video makes me want to punch walls, it makes me want to be the grown up that was missing in my life, the person who will stand up for a choice, a love that is deemed unsuitable. If I had a second chance, I would not compromise, and I did not understand the strength of that resolve until I saw this video.

maxomai: This track, and this video, is the demarcation point between BiSH being just “BiS 2.0” and BiSH being their own thing. Both the track and the MV are gorgeous and stand the test of time (even though that’s only about six years).

Daemon: The most divisive MV among the BiSH fandom, yet so iconic it established it’s own prog-punk idol subgenre.

47. nonamera, “Dye in Lily”

Papermaiden: Honestly, a throwback to vaporware and seapunk that’s just completely unironic with how much it appreciates the aesthetics is refreshing. If this was released in 2012 the Tumblr girls would have been obsessed.

Michel: Nominated because it’s Nona!

46. BILLIE IDOL, “Be-bop tu-tu”

farfromsleep: It must have taken an incredible amount of effort to make something that looks and feels low-quality in such a surgically precise way and the deadpan non-performances never fail to make me smile. If there was ever an MV I wanted to own on Laserdisc it’s this one.

Kaisoku: It was ahead of it’s time in revisiting 1980s Japan and its made-for-TV fantasy society.

45. Zenbu Kimi no Sei da., “ShitEnd Placebo”

Courtneyyyyy: There is a sense of desperation and uncleanliness at the heart of this that I find painfully compelling. There is a rawness that feels as if it comes from a place of taboo. It is suggestive of sexuality and suffering, and it hits hard. Do you hear a song sometimes and feel the tension in your muscles, the need to run, bare feet on the heat of summer pavement? This song, in the cold of the incoming tide, the sand beneath toes, the heels of hands pushed into eyes red raw with tears makes my heart beat that much faster… it makes me want to run.

44. BURST GIRL, “Against the Drain”

Carrythezero: A kick-ass punk anthem with a goofy zombie narrative!? Yes, please!


Daemon: The peak, unabashedly horny nerd anthem. Quintessential AG with a bonus squealing guitar solo out of nowhere.

Abandonedrobot: I could nominate any AG! video, so I won’t lose sleep over picking one at random.

42. ASP, “Sakebe”

MagnetTheRobot: Never fails to make me tear up. It stands as a tragic and moving short film.

41. RAY, “Everything About My Precious You”

Kaisoku: Like a song made of a memory that was not yours.

Daemon: The ultimate shoegaze track. Dim the lights, put on a good pair of headphones, hit “full screen”, and chill.

Honorable Mention:

PassCode, “Freely”

This MV actually came in at #41, but Universal Music decided that it would be an awesome idea to block viewing of it overseas just prior to PassCode’s US debut. One of the criteria for being on this list was that the MV must be viewable, so “Freely” got disqualified and 42 – 51 got bumped up a notch, (Yay! for the Screaming 60s).

If they ever decide to unblock it, here it is:

ckiemnstr345: Knowing PassCode was going to be okay after Yuna left was great to see.

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