I almost let this sick, sick event slip under the radar! Remember the whole business with GANG PARADE doing not just one super marathon per WACK’s insane traditions, but a there-and-back 200km relay haul?

That’s gonna happen tomorrow.

You can follow the whole thing on Twitter using #ギャンパレ駅伝 (GANG PARADE LONG-ASS RUN). Or you can follow what I take to be the competing teams and the individual members’ twitcasting!

Saki is notably sitting this one out. Or she’s like the One Runner to Rule Them All, having already done this herself a year ago (and previously before she officially joined BiS). Regardless, I have no idea why this is happening, and I don’t even understand the rules (if there are any), but thank goodness it’s a relay.

I’ll stick up a master sort of post when things start so you can follow along at your leisure.

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