Today’s Song? Tsurezure’s ‘Spring Autumn Struggle’

Man, I’m really glad that I decided to check in on Yukueshirezutsurezure this morning. It’s time for preview #2 from the “MISS SINS” single!

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Listen to me here, forever!

My gods, it’s like the most twisted 90s alt-rock ballad ever



今 目が合ったよ? 35°C 猛暑日予報 蜃気楼

僕らは 何も 言えずに 笑う そこには 意味など ないのに 探す
焦燥感 背徳感 1・2パンチ 群青か 乾くな

辞書に書き記した 鮮やかな赤のポスカ 正義は僕の右手だ
さあ叱ってくれ ブルーに

「秋」が待ちきれなくて 奪ったSaturation 手首噛んで 確かめたんだ
許しじゃない 欲しかったのは ただ…

今 目が合ったよ? おいで いいよ だってみんな嘘つきだ

僕らは 何も 言えずに 笑う そこには 意味など ないのに 探す

春が来ても わからないままで 冷めた空に問い続けるんだ
ジーザス! あんたのイタズラで世界を変えて

舞い散る 心臓に 0.3gの…

今、目が合ったよ? 35°C 猛暑日予報

讃頌か 冤罪か 慢心か D・O・D
炎天下 再放送 伝説をくれ
我々は 先陣だ 静粛に 踊れ
我々が 先陣だ 盛大に 泣け

秋が来ても わからないままで 僕を僕に 問い続けるんだ
ジーザス! あんたのイタズラで世界を止めて

Okay, so that’s a lot of really familiar moves kind of rearranged and packaged into a different song, but tell me that it doesn’t work for you, anyway. That’s kind of the nice thing about Tsurezure: Their whole thing is so different (they call their sound YTHC, for frog’s sake) that, as long as you’re down with what they’re doing, you’re down with what they do pretty much all the time.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Song? Tsurezure’s ‘Spring Autumn Struggle’

  1. Definitely a lot more interesting musically then the main single, love some of the lead guitar paterns, almost sora tob Sakana like guitar work in places, really like how they worked in the melancholy feeling with the song which sounds almost bright and cheerful in segments and then shidare brings the chill with her harsh’s. I especially enjoyed the vocal overlap towards the end with the girls singing and her screaming at the same time in different patterns and timings that contrast really does sound fantastic.

    • Agreed they do seem to be overlapping each others style wise abit too much recently especially in places on post(tho I did enjoy both groups albums over all) perhaps their producers are feeling the strain trying to keep the two groups styles different enough, only time will tell.

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