Today’s Dose of Relief from the Dumps Comes from Gu-Gu LULU

Recent events have sucked! I tried to bring back some of the positive idol vibes a little bit yesterday, and that was an okay effort; we need better, though. If only there were a newer group from a well-established scene stable that happens to be just so perfectly situated to deliver exactly the emotional resonance needed at a time like this, to inject good feelings into a run of bad news.

Hey, how about Gu-Gu LULU, who would like for you to please enjoy this MV from this new single!

Thanks Andrew!

Goddamn but that’s catchy. And so anachronistic as to belong to no particular era in rock! It’s simultaneously reminiscent of something from The Partridge Family and the pure pop of the 70s, the genre-bending bands that all had a single hit in the second half of the 90s … and, of course, Aqbi. It’s like the most Aqbi song that’s ever been Aqbi’ed. Hell, it’s like a logical halfway point between vintage BRGH and MIGMA SHELTER, only the final feel couldn’t be shined any more brightly. And the MV tries! Just like the song, it’s giving me flashbacks, but only to the latter era. Good lord, the nostalgia … I can describe the exact spot where I land in my personal Wayback Machine: When Len released “Steal My Sunshine.” Can the feelings in here be bottled? I’d like to give this as a gift.

Also, they totally do the “nerve” dance and I wonder if the whole thing isn’t just some wild piss take. LEMME JUST GO BACK AND WATCH IT A FEW MORE TIMES TO CHECK.

Exhilarating. Exactly what I needed? Close. And it’s good to see Ayano and Anna having that much fun.

Buy the single when it’s ready:

And somebody help me figure out how to get this onto alt-rock radio.