Times I Went “Oh Hell Yes!” While Listening to an Idol Group for the First Time, Ranked

When Tsurezure dropped their “Paradise Lost” MV the other evening, I sat in and enjoyed it in much the same way as other people. Then I clicked to another tab while the track finished up, and YouTube did what YouTube do, and I was immediately left with the same incredible feeling of hearing The Idols Now Known as Not Secured, Loose Ends for the first time, and thinking that this was a group that was going to eventually blow the hell up.

And I thought, hey, you know what’s awesome? That feeling, of hearing or experiencing a new thing, and getting that sudden jolt of … of a lot of things! It can be awe or fear or adrenaline or or or. But when you hear the thing, and your response is along the lines of “OH HELL YES,” that’s a good thing.

Here’s a non-exhaustive, barely sequential ranking of times that I heard a thing for the first time and went “OH HELL YES”:

  1. Minna no Kodomo-chan
  3. Yanakoto Sotto Mute
  5. Broken By The Scream
  7. Kaqriyo Terror Architect
  8. Dots
  9. Heart ni Pochicon
  11. Shuuengo Buppan
  12. Avandoned
  13. BiSH
  15. le biglemoi
  16. Alloy
  17. Himegami CRISIS
  18. SiS

  1. Being forced to count every beat during an evening’s performance bill at Dear Stage, or the bees will be unleashed

2 thoughts on “Times I Went “Oh Hell Yes!” While Listening to an Idol Group for the First Time, Ranked

  1. Ah yes. I know the feeling well. Strangely enough I’ve found that the groups I now enjoy the most didn’t actually grab me on first listen (YSTZ, Minna no Kodomo-chan). The ones that blew me away right out of the gate either didn’t end up holding my interest (Dempagumi.inc) or didn’t stick around (Yamitsuki Company).

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