Time to Swallow ASP’s PLACEBO

Another release from ANAL SEX PENiS, another questionable headline. Such is life.

Those punk girls are at it again! Somebody please think of the children. ASP’s new album PLACEBO is out now and oh boy is it a good one. From tip to top, it’s a whole barrel of fun.

PLACEBO’s songs are obviously entrenched in that familiar WACK sound which, depending on who you are, you might want to either take or leave. There’s no beating around the bush, both the album and group don’t pretend to be anything else other than some fun with a WACKy twist. And who doesn’t love fun?

“NO REASON” is the most standout track, it’s not quite digital hardcore or harsh noise but absolutely flirts with the genres. You could compare it to Mad Capsule Market or a few Revolting Cocks songs and that’s absolutely a good thing; one of the points of the group is that this is Watanabe doing whatever he wants, there’s no denying the man has good music taste. In a similar fashion the opening track “HATRED of LOVE” is very Thee Michelle Gun Elephant who, even if you know nothing about them, you’ll recognise from BiS covering Smoking Billy last month.

There’s really no frills here: if you like scuzzy punk bands then listen to the new ASP! If you like ASP then listen to the new ASP! It’s just simply good music.