Time May Be Running out on Mugen Regina

Usually, when you see tweets like this, you just up and expect the worst:

“Gee, I wonder what this news could be if it’s significant enough to warrant an actual message on the group’s actual website.” Never good! And yeah, according to that message, Mugen Regina, not all that long ago a legitimately interesting, forward-moving metal project, is officially going on hiatus.

But do you know what’s weird? You could almost convince me that it really is a temporary thing in this case, and I point to former agencymates Haloperi Doll (RIP) for it: Haloperi took a break a while back and was pretty up front about it, and then came back to life a short while later with a completely different lineup; then, several months ago, rather than do the usual song and dance (ha) around hiatus and whatnot, they announced “nope, the members are done, so the project is done, here are the details” and finished their schedule and that was it.

So precedent is set, more or less, that if this were a complete shut-down, they’d probably just up and say so. They’d probably get a little more money out of their remaining scheduled appearances, too. It also opens up the possibility that either management wants a change or one or both of the primary members is ready to be done, and a real break lets everybody take care of the business of membership without a fuss.

I mean, they did just announce new trainee members. Maybe the ashes of Haloperi Doll could be appended to whatever remains of Mugen Regina, bringing back songs like “Murder burying your head in the sand” and “Magical Bloody Stick.” The wholesome stuff.

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