TIF Hits Seoul

In news I am still coming to terms with even as I type this, The Korean live idol scene recently hit another major milestone with the news that TIF will be hosting their first live event in Seoul, with a roster almost evenly split between local talent and some choice premium imports that anyone reading this site may well already know.



Idol faves meme tokyo and Wasuta are joined by friends of Homicidols NEKIRU, C.LiTZ and X!DENT alongside NEKIRU’s fellow To Hermitage groups POCHIPURI and NTORE and local fan favorites DENPAMARU for a full-day King Blade workout program, with an “Anime Subculture DJ Festival” the following day featuring a couple of repeat appearances and a star turn from hometown heroine Soli.

It’s really been a whirlwind couple of years for the Korean idol scene, going from a 5-minute bumper in a 2021 livestream event to NEKIRU’s featured interview the following year all the way to a full-on TIF event in Seoul itself. And of course it warms the heart to see the advance led by Soli, a To Hermitage graduate herself. Amazing scenes.