Thursday Hurtsday: Let’s Check in on Yandoll!

It’s Thursday Hurtsday again, friends, and what could possibly be more painful than a sickness-themed idolcore unit that’s competing against itself to keep a member from getting fired? Not much!*

First up, some new video. Well, new video of a song we’ve heard before. But still, it’s new, and it’s not like Yandoll posts a ton of it online, so here we are.

Just listening to that song makes me feel dirty

All well and good, and the fact that they only had four members on stage does not mean that somebody’s already been fired; that’s still a little way away. We should check in, though. How’s the campaign to stay alive going?

733 units sold! They gave themselves about four months to sell 5,000, so they’re a bit off the pace. I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE THE FALLOUT!

*I swear, one of these days, we’ll get that industrial unit or, heavens forbid, an actual deathcore idol. I’d probably retire at that point; Peak Ridiculous will have been reached.