Thursday Hurtsday: Let’s Celebrate Pain with C-Style

As an idol-oriented website, it makes total sense that we’d go in on gimmicks themes to keep things fun and interesting and give folks a chance to contribute their discoveries and stuff. Following the implementation of probably-gonna-change-it Tuesday WTF and Indie Idol Wednesday, it’s Thursday’s turn. Welcome to: Thursday Hurtsday!

For our very first Thursday Hurtsday, I thought it’d be appropriate to share a live set by idols who will literally smack you in the face if you give them money (or possibly even just ask nicely): C-Style.

We haven’t had a good look at these human felines* since their (pretty cool) video release a little while back, and I always feel like they should get more attention in general. They’re pretty committed to doing their thing their way, though, and that way doesn’t always include getting stuff online in a way that works for people like us. And so we’re bound to play a constant game of check-in and hope that this time is the time when they have something new on YouTube.

Nonetheless, C-Style! Heavy enough and violent enough and inhuman enough to serve as a very nice example of what Thursday Hurtsday can and will be about!

Just take a gander at their Idol Matsuri video for an example of what I’m talking about.