Thursday Hurtsday Is a Teaser

Good morning, friends! It’s Thursday Hurtsday, and I’ve been a little bit remiss because reasons, but I’m back in the saddle and ready to share..

I figured that we could start with solo idol Ishido Natsumi, who’d been so under the radar for so long that she didn’t even make the cut for entry into the Corenament. To be left out of a completely bogus and made-up competition of idols who are primarily known to Westerners … Sad!

And while Natsumi is pretty good in her own right, this piece doesn’t even feature her.

Instead, this comes from the Soundcloud account of Kobayashi Hiroaki, a member of the band MIW that’s also represented by M-Infinity. Judging by the stuff he posts on his channel, he does a lot of the songwriting not just for the band, but for others in the company, too, and this number’s for Natsumi:

That’s some quality idol rock+ right there. I like Natsumi; she’s a quality singer and has a good presence. Even as a solo artist (which is hard!), I wish she could build up a little more.