This Would Be a Fun Collaboration UPDATED

UPDATE: It happened.

Kind of had a double-take upon seeing this:

I don’t completely get why Alice Juban was hanging out (and posing for photos) with pretty great J-rock band Gacharic Spin, but it would be a fun show if they did something together.

Here’s some Gachapin (and their side project with Light Bringer singer Fuki, Doll$Boxx):

Yes, Gacharic Spin has dancers. What?

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  2. We weren’t around here at the time of this post and we kept seeing it while searching for the elusive part 2 of their initial show at Thunder Snake, which has subsequently been scrubbed from the web, so we’ll try to shed some light on this interesting collaboration in retrospect. These two entities originally met in late April of 2015 during G-Spins “Naked Liar ” tour. Apparently they played 5 shows together. The first video highlights their first meet and greet and KJ’s set, as stated, the part 2 collaboration portion of that show is MIA. We saw it at the time and the combined energy level was off the chart. Fortunately, video footage was captured of a rehearsal and performance at the Noan Yaon festival a few days later which highlights both artists on stage. Happy Friday
    First meeting:
    Rehearsal & performance:

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