This Woltanative Release Deserves More Attention

I see that I’m not the only person to be celebrating the new MV release from MAPLEZ sister group Woltanative, which is fantastic, because while this isn’t a group that I’m normally going out of my way to celebrate, a few recent disappointments have me feeling more expansive about idols to feature and good stuff to talk up.

And this is pretty good! Or, more appropriately, Woltanative is pretty good, and this is a double-plus-good track with a really cool MV:

That’s to celebrate their first EP:

I once believed that Woltanative was going to be a real-deal feature unit for this site — that they were going to directly inherit the louder, rockier sides of MAPLEZ, rather than go harder for the dance floor — only for that not to work out on account of being EDM-first, but I enjoyed this whole thing so much that I wanted to give it its due, and Hiroshima idols never get enough respect, so let’s opt to be inclusive today and hold up something that’s a little bit different that maybe you’ll like, and by dint of liking you’ll want to buy, and idols doing things in less traditional ways will benefit.